REVIEW: No Place to Run – A KGI series novel #2 by Maya Banks

After a quick fling with a local waitress in Mexico during a classified mission, Sam must walk away from the woman he shares an explosive passion with.

After completing his mission, he returns for her.  Aching for the woman who hasn’t left his thoughts since he left her sitting in his bed.  She was nowhere to be found.  Disappeared.

Five months later, Sam was unfocused.  He rejected all incoming mission requests and his brothers were concerned and going stir crazy over their somewhat forced vacation.

While his brothers are lecturing him to forget the woman who is screwing with their lives, Sam spots a log in the lake.  Voila, he pulls Sophie from the cold water.  It was then he noticed that she was pregnant.

Running from her family, the very family the Kelly brothers sought out to terminate, after five months she was struggling to defend herself.  Tired of running from the assassin her Uncle sent, she accepts that she must ask for help from her baby’s father.  Sam.

This book is centered on the pregnant woman Sam had an affair with five months ago.  She’s holding back information and keeping her secrets to herself.  His brothers are suspicious and so was Sam.

So far, I am enjoying this book more than The Darkest Hour.  This book does not hold as much military content, but the plot is still there.  Trying to protect his family and loved ones, Sam pulls in his teams and his brothers to protect what is his.

I recommend this books to mature adults only.  You do not need to read the first book in this series to understand or appreciate this story.  Although, you will appreciate the characters more if you do so.  Extremely delicious sexual content and hard descriptive violence.
~Happy reading!


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