REVIEW: Hunting Ground – An Alpha and Omega series novel # 3 by Patricia Briggs

Hunting Ground is the third installment of the Alpha and Omega series.

I absolutely love shapeshifter paranormal romance books!  I can’t get enough of them.  Anything unknown, unusual or more than likely “impossible” really snatches me and holds on tight until I am finished with the book or entire series.

On the Prowl # 1 and Cry Wolf # 2 of this series were positively phenomenal.  I loved every word of both books and found myself putting off chores around the house and time-consuming errands so that I could start reading Hunting Ground.

With that said, I am completely disappointed in this book.  After 100 pages into this book, I found myself bored with the unenthusiastic story.  Now, I admit, after those 100 pages .. things became more interesting.

Anna the Omega and Charles the non-alpha Alpha are sent to Seattle to delegate a conference between every Alpha all over the world.  They are discussing bringing the existence of werewolves to public eye.

I do enjoy the relationship between Anna and Charles.  She struggles with past rape and abuse from former Alpha and pack.  He, a born werewolf, struggles with Brother Wolf.  Two spirits within one soul.  I have read that others dislike the constant doubt between this couple.  I disagree.  The relationship and character progression is amazing, and anything less complicated would not do it justice.

Anna is attacked by vampires.  There really isn’t too much to say in this review without spoiling the book.  Although, in my honest opinion, there is not much to spoil.

I recommend this book to mature adults only.  Although the sexual content is semi nondescriptive and mildly mild 😉 .. The violence is wonderfully delicious and inappropriate for younger eyes.

Rule of thumb, if you have to THINK if a book MIGHT be ok for your teenager, then it isn’t.

~Happy reading!

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