REVIEW: Night Play – A Dark-Hunter series novel # 6 by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Night Play is the Dark-Hunter story of Vane and Bride.

This is one of my favorite stories in this series.  Their relationship is inspiring and I found myself holding my breath as I read through wonderfully intimate (sexual and non-sexual) scenes.

Vane is a wolf.  The whole story behind him is a bit complex so I will leave well enough alone!  He’s a wolf.  He’s a man.  He’s sexy.  Bottom line.  Betrayed by their father, Vane and Fang are left hanging from a tree.  If the alligators don’t get them, the Daimons will.

Bride is a curvy woman with more kindness beating through her veins than an entire city.  Unfortunately, being a size 18 woman, men have treated her poorly.  The bastards.  Her boyfriend breaks up with her via letter that was delivered to her and charged to her account.  Just imagine being dumped with your own pennies.

Angry and crying as she cleaned her store, Vane walked by and *drum roll* his heart stopped at the sight of her.  Unlike most relationships, this one has far less struggle.  He likes her.  She likes him.  There isn’t a whole ton of what ifs during the foundation stage.

She couldn’t imagine this guy having trouble getting any woman he wanted.  Who on earth would say no to that?  On second thought, she hoped she never met a woman who attractive.  If she did, she would be morally obligated to run her over in her car.

Left for dead, his brother, Fang is comatose.  Once their pack realizes that Vane and Fang are indeed still alive, they fan out in search for them.  Hiding isn’t so easy when scents are involved.

After making love to Bride, mating marks are seared into their palms.  The meaning is unknown to Bride.  To Vane, time is now against him.  He only has so much time for Bride to accept him as her mate before he is doomed to an eternity of impotence.  Imagine all of that .. with a nice healthy dose of hiding from a pack of rabid wolves 😉

“I never knew softness,” he breathed.  “Not until the moment you touched me in your store.  My life is violent and dangerous.  It’s dark and twisted and no place for someone like you.  I have more people wanting me dead than I can count.  They will stop at nothing and you…”  He ground his teeth before he spoke again.  “You’ll never want again for anything in your life.  I swear it on what little bit of human soul I have left.”

This book is fast!  This book is fun!  This book is amazing!

I recommend this book to all mature adults in need of a good read.  Semi-severe violence including discussion of gang rape (little description).  Moderately delicious sexual content.  This book will not disappoint!

Line of the book:

The only way to have eternal love is to never let your heart forget what it’s like to live without it.

~Happy reading!

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