REVIEW: Dark Desire – A Carpathian series novel # 2 by Christine Feehan

Dark Desire is the Carpathian story of Jacques and Shea.

I listened to the audio book during my drive to Texas, so obviously ..  I have made no notes to insert into this review.

Jacques story is extremely intense and incredibly brutal.  Captured by vampire hunting fanatics, he is held prisoner for over 7 years.  Tortured.  Complete agony.  After so many years, the physical wounds can heal but the mental ones have made him deadly dangerous and unpredictable.

Sensing the presence of a female, he believes her as his betrayer.  He sees in color.  He knows she is his lifemate.  The rage festering his insides lashes out at her, forcing her body to endure the torture he experiences.

Shea, a brilliant surgeon, has a rare blood disease that she has been researching for a cure.  Her mother lived a shell  of a life before committing suicide on Shea’s 18th birthday.  Fleeing from everything she has known, Shea succumbs to Jacque’s compulsion.  She visits the Carpathian mountains to continue her research and learn more about her father whom she has never met.

Finding Jacques and saving him from the tomb he lived in, the battle of wills begins as she attempts to heal him.  He attacked her, yet she couldn’t leave him.  She had to save him.

This book is long and repetitious.  75% of this book is based on the struggles between Shea and Jacques and his mental state.  I can appreciate fighting inner demons.  But this book was a bit much.  Enough already.

I recommend this book to mature adults reading this series.  Extreme violence and sexual content.

~Happy reading!

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