REVIEW: Dance with the Devil – A Dark-Hunter series novel # 4 by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dance with the Devil is the Dark-Hunter story of Zarek and Astrid.

Zarek’s character is somewhat similar to Zsadist’s.  Somewhat.  He’s the darker, scarier, more evil of the team.  Unfortunately, Zarek’s character doesn’t stand a chance next to Zsadist.  Tossed away by his mother to die, beaten by his father and brothers as a slave, Zarek hates everyone.  He’s mean.  He’s nasty.  He’s just your all around asshole.

“You are worthless, slave.  Good for nothing at all.  You’re not even worth the scraps it takes to keep you alive.  If we’re lucky mayhap you’ll die and save us the winter rations for a slave who has some value.”

With that said, we all know how much those types totally turn me on.  Zarek doesn’t.  I expected this outstanding story, and although his back story is entertaining, I do not feel it did his character justice.

“Just once let me be warm.  Is there no star capable of sharing its fire with me?”

Going on a killing rampage that leaves police with his photo, Artemis sends the Day Slayer, Thanatos to kill him.  Yadda yadda .. Acheron and Artemis have to bargain yet again.  They agree on a judge, Astrid.  She is to spend the maximum of two weeks with Zarek to judge him as innocent or guilty.  His fate lies with him.  How cliché?  Sweet .. yet .. cheesy.

As Astrid forces Zarek into a cabin that is being slammed with her very own blizzard, she tests him with all of those little triggers that we are all so fond of.  Blind during her trials, she finds strength and courage to stand up against one of the most dangerous of all Dark-Hunters.

As with all paranormal romance alpha male novels, the character progression is at light speed!

“Because I love you, and een if I’m lying on the sun itself, I’ll be freezing there without you.  I need my star so that I can hear laughter.” – Zarek

Line of the book:

There were only so many kicks a dog could take before turning vicious.

I do recommend this book to mature adults only.  If you have not read this series in sequence, this book will more than likely make your eyes roll.  You more than likely will be confused and more definitely will be incapable of appreciating the other characters.

Extreme violence with blown up body parts! .. Deliciously hello there yumminess sexual content.  I strongly advise you keep this book away from younger eyes.

~Happy reading!

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