REVIEW: Night Embrace – A Dark-Hunter series novel #3 by Sherrilyn Kenyon

As always, colored text has been taken directly from the book.

Night Embrace is the amazing story of Talon and Sunshine.

Sunshine comes from a carefree and loving family.  Filled with laughter and friendship, Sunshine leads the sweet life of an artist.  Drowning in pink and purple flowers while singing Puff the Magic Dragon, she is everything that will drive Talon up the wall.  Or seduce him with amusement.

“You know, Sunshine, you need to find a man like that to marry.  Someone so well hung that even after three or four kids, he’d still be wall to wall.”

Talon gaped.  Sunshine laughed.

Talon, another Dark-Hunter with a tragic past, protects humans through the centuries of loneliness.  Calm and collected, he has one mission in life.  Protect and survive.   Forcing the emotions and pain of betrayal, he glides along the way through the days, years and centuries without mourning the loss of his wife, his son and his family.

“Never let anyone know you.  Never give them a chance to realize you don’t age.  Move through the darkness ever watchful, ever alert.  We are all that stands between the humans and slavery.  Without us, they all die and their souls are lost forever.  Our responsibilities are great.  Our battles numerous and legendary.  But at the end of the night, you go home alone where no one knows what it is you have done to save the world that fears you.  You can never bask in your glory.  You can never know love or family.  We are Dark-Hunters.  We are forever powerful.  We are forever alone.”

Acheron becomes more engrossed in this book.  Kenyon gives you a few glances into his past that will leave you frustrated with curiosity.  No worries!  His novel will be read before you know it!

Fighting their love for one another, Talon and Sunshine are soul mates.  Reincarnated with Talon’s wife’s soul, they are extremely attracted and are unable to keep their hands to themselves 🙂

This book is far more sexual than Night Pleasures or Fantasy Lover.

Many characters are introduced in this book.  I love most of them and I look forward to rereading their stories!

Vane and Fang, wolves who can take human form, repay a debt to Acheron and form a temporary alliance.  With this, the book unravels many stories to come.  This book is a MUST read if you plan on continuing with the other books in this series.

I recommend this book to mature adults only.  Although this book is filled with paranormal yumminess, I highly advise against allowing a teenager or child to read this series.  People tend to forget that children are indeed children and NOT young adults.  This book is not for innocent eyes.

Extremely delectable sexual and violent content.

Line of the book:

“But without pain, you can’t have joy.  It’s the balance that makes us appreciate the extremes.”

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