REVIEW: Fantasy Lover – A Dark- Hunter series novel “#1” by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I have found a new appreciate for this book.

This will only be the second time to read this series.  I cannot remember anything that happens in any of these books.  I’m a bit excited!

Fantasy Lover is the story of Julian and Grace Alexander.  Julian was cursed to spend an existence imprisoned in a book.  His only brief escape, when a woman would summon him, binding him to her for one month as her love slave.  Unfortunately for him, the curse has far too many downsides than perks.

Before being cursed, Julian lived a harsh life in the world of Sparta.  Torture, starvation, beatings, betrayals and having his family taken from him in the most horrendous of ways, he just isn’t a happy camper.  No one can love him.  He can’t climax.  He’ll end up back in the book eventually.  Lonely.  Blackness.  Hunger.  Born of the Goddess Aphrodite, he was tossed aside to suffer an existence with mortals who would rather spit on him than lend him a hand.

“He’s the son of the Goddess of Love and not even she can stand to be near him.”

The sibling rivalry between Julian and his brothers is explosive.

Julian smiled evilly.  “I am Julian of Macedon, born of the House of Diokles of Sparta and of the goddess Aphrodite.  I am the champion of Greece, Macedonia, Thebes, Punjab, and Conjara.  Known as August Julius Punitor to my enemies who quaked in terror at my presence.  And you, my brother, are a lesser known god who meant nothing to the Greeks and only slightly more to the Romans.”

Grace is a sweet woman.  A sexual therapist (It’s not as bad as it sounds …) who has not had sex in FOUR years.  Wow.  Her best friend, Selena, finds a book she claims will summon a Greek God to become her love slave.  Humoring her friend, in drunken tipsy stupor, Grace plays along in somewhat of a mocking manner.  But, what do you know?  WHAM!  Hot and delicious Julian pops out of the book and is hers until the next full moon.

Just as any other character in a book such as this, there MUST be a sad back story.  Grace lost her virginity in college to your typical manipulative date rape kind of bastard.

“Look, it’s supposed to hurt the first time.”  Paul had said.  “Jeez, just stop crying.  I’ll be finished in a minute and then you can leave.”

This of course leaves her distant and standoffish to other intimate encounters.  Appalling as it may be, she rejects Julian’s “cursed sex appeal.”

“Because I’m not some alley cat with her tail up in the air waiting for the nearest Tom to come over, stick it in, and leave.”

Growing more attached to one another, Grace finds the situation optimistic and searches for a way to break the curse and set Julian free.  And what do you know?  If they manage to abstain from “sticking his spoon in her bowl” until the “stroke of midnight” and THEN have his manhood remain inside of her until dawn .. The curse might just break.

So that’s the story 🙂  Two people desperately wanting to have sex with each other.  The curse leaves Julian with a steady decline of physical pain unless he “takes his summoner” and it becomes a little stranger.

It’s a pretty neat story.  I enjoyed it.  Sherrilyn Kenyon tends to write for young adults.   More or less, her books are fun without thinking.

I do recommend this book to mature adults only.  The sexual content is a bit moderate for younger eyes.  Mild violence.

Line of the book:

“You know, I would date if I could ever find a man worth shaving my legs for.  But most are such a waste of time that I’d rather sit at home and watch reruns of HeeHaw.”

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