REVIEW: Predatory Game – A Ghostwalker series novel # 6 by Christine Feehan

Predatory Game is the Ghostwalker story of Jess Calhoun and Saber Wynter.

I really did not like this book.  At all.

The last two books in the Ghostwalker series were filled with action!  Countries, battles, interesting backgrounds.   Predatory Game takes place in a home.  A regular ole town.  There really isn’t anything spectacular about this book.

It’s like riding some super totally rockin’ awesome roller coaster and then riding the toddler kiddie rides.  It just doesn’t work.

Physically and psychically enhanced soldiers are paired with females by pheromones that leave both the male and female unable to resist the explosive attraction.  Usually the books in this series are amazing!  This one has failed miserably in the rock on! department.

Jess was injured in a previous book.  He does not have the use of his legs below his knees.  He still works with the team, but his brilliance is best used on intel and research.  A sexy man in a wheelchair.

Saber is one of Whitney’s experiments with some pretty intriguing psychic abilities.  She showed up on Jess’ door hoping to fill the employment ad he placed in the newspaper.

Basically, two Ghostwalkers, two shielders living together for almost a year without detecting the other’s abilities.  Of course, being paired, they suffer through the mutual attraction and sexual pull.

This book is extremely bleh.  I only recommend it to those reading this series.  And even then, just stick through it if you can.  The next books get better.

Moderate to juicy violence.  Moderate sexual content.  Just all around blahness.

~Happy reading!

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