REVIEW: Deadly Game – A Ghostwalker series novel # 5 by Christine Feehan

Deadly Game is the Ghostwalker story about Ken and Mari. 🙂

Ken is a very deep, dark character that is suffocating from a huge burden from his past.  His father killed his mother out of jealous rage and then attempted to kill Ken and his twin brother Jack.  Growing up with serious issues, Ken and Jack joined the Special Ops team as two elite snipers.

Being physically as well as psychically enhanced, the Norton brothers are a force all their own.  Whitney, the evil little dweeb of a scientist who apparently has more pull than Santa Clause, is doing everything possible to manipulate the outcome between Ken and Mari.

He wants her pregnant.  Unfortunately for Mari and her sisters who were trained as soldiers since birth, that includes the new Breeding program.  Whitney will stop at nothing to move his plans forward to the next phase, the study of the second generation of altered human beings.

What a little shit.  Enough said.

Ken knows that his father’s legacy is in him, eating at his core, consuming him from the inside out.  He has always hidden away from relationships and any notion of real feelings for anyone other than brother.

“Mari, honey, you have to be sure.”  His voice was hoarse.  “I’m not going to be able to stop in another minute.  I don’t have a damn thing to use as protection and this is bullshit, taking you here.  I’m not going to be gentle and loving like you deserve.  And I don’t want to hurt you.  I’m so damned afraid of hurting you, but I sear I’ll give you more pleasure than you’ve ever had in your life.  If you cant’ do this with me, go all the way, take everything I need to give you, you’ve got to tell me to stop now and I swear to you.  I’ll find the strength to leave you alone.”

Their relationship progression is heart wrenching.  A total rollercoaster.  I am a relationship disaster and it is interesting to read a story about two people who share such similarities that it is frightening.  Talk about analyzing …

I recommend this book to all adults tho want to read something worthy of their time.  Totally rockin awesome sexual content, delicious violence with some round about scenes of rape and degradation.  It sounds terrible, but it’s not too bad.

~Happy reading!

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