REVIEW: Night Game – A Ghostwalker series novel # 3 by Christine Feehan

I really adore this series.  Christine Feehan really knocks this out of the park.  With all of the paranormal romance books flying around, it’s really tough to find something good.  Somethingscreative.  Something not done a hundred times already.

Feehan has achieved just that.  The Ghostwalker series is unexpectedly erotic and extremely stimulating in more than just the sexual sense.

Military missions.  Physical and psychic enhancements.  Oh the joy!  Complex medical and genetic conversations are an interesting left fielder.  I wasn’t quite sure about those scenes, but I learned to read and skim and move on to the really fun stuff!

“Another nonviral approach involves the creation of an artificial lipid sphere with an aqueous core.  This liposome, which carries the therapeutic DNA, is capable of passing the DNA through the target cell’s membrane.”

Gator, one man from a team of badass hotties, is sent to his home town to search for two women.  One, a friend who grew up in the bayou with his brothers, and the other woman .. An exotic red-head, a woman who shares similar psychic powers.  She’s dangerous.  Gator is sent to search for her and possibly eliminate her before she can kill everything around her.  A bit dramatic but there you have it. 🙂

Whitney (the evil rat bastard hehe) bought Flame from an orphanage and kept her hidden away with other girls for his genetic experimentations.  That might sound a little cheesy but it’s way cool.  She escaped and now is a grown woman, running from Whitney and anyone else that tends to wiggle into her heart.

The relationship between Gator and Flame is pretty hilarious.  One moment they’re having a conversation that leaves a smirking smile on your face and the next moment the lustful hello there grabs you.  It is fun and exciting!

“And for the record, have you ever referred to me as a rat bastard?”

“Yes, several times, but in a different way.  He’s a slimball rat bastard.  You’re just a plain old garden variety man-type rat bastard.”

“Thanks for clarifying.”


Electricity sizzled and arced between his skin and hers.  His mouth was hot and sexy, his arms coming up to trap her, to hold her even closer, so that his body was imprinted on hers.  His strength was enormous.  He took control of the kiss and damn him, he knew what he was going.  Fire faced through her veins, poured into her belly, and tightened her body.  Her nipples peaked and she actually felt her womb contract.

He kissed her again, long, ferociously, a wicked combination of command and coaxing, his hands sliding down to her bottom to lift her closer.

Flame became aware of her leg wrapped around his waist, of her hands under his shirt caressing his bare chest, of the heaviness of her breasts and the terrible throbbing between her legs.  She had never wanted any one the way she wanted him.  Her need seemed beyond lust, beyond attraction, bordering on obsession.

Flame and Gator find themselves working together, although not entirely happily, to find Joy.  She disappeared and though the police seem to have closed the issue and claimed that she must have run off, Flame is sure she is nearby and in danger.

I’d really like to go into that a bit more.  I just can’t!  I refuse to be one of those people who writes reviews that give the book away.  The bastards!  If you want to write an entire here you have it post about a book, at least forewarn people :p

I recommend this book to adults only.  This book can be read stand alone but I strong advise against it.  These books rock.  This is the third book of the Ghostwalker / Game series.  Just purchase Shadow Game and start there 🙂  Strong sexual content (yay!) although not the main focus of this book.  Violence.  Rape.  Threats of cutting hairs off of balls with dull knives?  Yikes!

Much to be explored .. moments to be had .. funny corks that will leave you smiling.  This book has a lot of different factors in it that somewhat jerk your emotions around.  Well worth the read!

Line of the book:

Control.  Discipline.  Patience.

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