REVIEW: Rapture – An In Death series novel # 4 by J.D. Robb

I really loved this book!  Knocked it out in little less than a day .. and have the next book queued up and ready to go once this review is complete.  Yay me!

Hmm.  How to write one of my reviews and not spoil this book. *thinks*

Roarke and Eve’s honeymoon is cut short by the “self-termination” of one of Roarke’s employees.  Mavis catches a break in show business.  Odd suicides nudge at Eve, leaving her the only one to believe that there is indeed a connection.

Roarke adores Mavis.  She is Eve’s best friend, a loved one to cherish.  Hosting parties, exploring investment possibilities, Roarke really will keep you smiling in this book.

Mood altering music and virtual games.  Roarke and Eve find themselves in a more than usual explosive sexual climax.  I couldn’t help but laugh at their attempted struggle to behave in public.

They tore at clothes, fighting to find each other in the narrow confines of the car.  She bit his shoulder, yanked his trousers open.  He was cursing, she was laughing, when he dragged her out of the car.  They fell on the grass in a tangle of limbs and twisted clothing.

This is by far my favorite book of this series so far.  Keep in mind, this is the fourth book 🙂  This is my first time through the In Death series.  SO, time will tell!

Eve is torn between two doctors; a psychologist and a physiologist.  Needing answers and results to report to her Commander, Eve steps on sensitive toes to get what she wants.

“Women are so much more courageous and more vicious than men, all in all.  Don’t you agree?”

“No.  I think courage and viciousness have no gender.”

I recommend this book to .. well .. all mature adults.  Moderate to semi extreme sexual content (I really should start using a 1-10 system heh).  The violence is mild, excluding the descriptive murder scenes and suicide.  Ok, perhaps all in all I should say “moderate” but .. I won’t 😉

Line of the book:

“….You just pounded yourself into me with all the finesse of a sweaty celibate breaking fast with a rented sex droid.”

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