REVIEW: Naked in Death – An In Death series novel #1 by J.D. Robb

My mother recommended the In Death series to me.  Unfortunately for this series, two of my favorite authors had new releases.  The way this works, I read 20+ books to get through the series before I read the new one.  Just a wee bit time-consuming 🙂

I really like Eve Dallas’ character.  She is a no bullshit, emotionally detached, don’t fuck with me cop who struggles against her attraction to Roarke.  Eve Dallas has lived an extremely screwed up life.  Emotionally and sexually abused by her father, left for dead and then tossed around the foster care system, she does her best to avoid the nightmares that haunt her.

But it was the child that haunted her.  The child she hadn’t been in time to save.  The child whose screams had echoed in the dreams with her own.

Roarke is a super rich man who just so happens owns more than 20% of the world.  Factor that with Eve’s traumatic background and her low-income lifestyle, and it makes for an interesting, explosive and rock relationship.

Mavis, a wonderful friend of Eve’s, is an interesting and flamboyant singer.  The complete opposite of Even, she shines with amusement and adventure.  She reminds me of Lula but without all the leopard spandex!  Ranting and raving about her cold before going on stage …

“It’s a fucking pharmaceutical conspiracy, Eve.  We’ve wiped out just about every known plague, disease, and infection.  Oh, we comes up with new ones every now and again, to give researchers something to do.  BUt none of these bright-eyed medical types, none of the medi-computers can figure out how to cure the common fucking cold.  You know why?”

Roarke’s butler is a frustrating character that leaves you wanting to whack him upside the head.  He snarls at Eve and treats her as if she is doormat lint.

“Look, pal, I haven’t been twisting Roarke’s arm to get him to spend his valuable time with me.  So why don’t you pull the stick out of your ass and tell me why you act like I’m some sort of embarrassing rodent whenever I show up.”

“Roarke is a man of taste, of style, of influence.  He has the ear of presidents and kings.  He has escorted women of impeachable breeding and pedigree.”

Asshole, right?

Working over 36 hour shifts to find the psycho bad guy, Eve is running out of time.  He rapes, murders and displays his victims in a most degrading fashion.  Roarke is at the top of the suspect list.  Eve believes in her gut that he is innocent.  But, is that enough to put her cop’s instincts on hold?  Fighting against trust and truth, Eve rattles Roarke’s world.

Politics. Rape.  Murder.  Jerks.  Love and lust.  Naked in Death delivers a fast paced story set in an interesting futuristic world.

I recommend this book to mature adults only.  Moderate sexual content.  Extremely descriptive murder and violence scenes.  Totally rockin’ awesome book!  I believe these books should be read in order.  I shall let you know 🙂

~Happy reading!

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