REVIEW: Educating Jane Porter – A Jane Porter series # 2 by Dominque Adair

Ok hmm.  I was excited about this book.

I read it cover to cover so to speak .. in about 35 minutes.


Being the second book in the Jane Porter series, this picked up right where the first left off.

Jane is a woman who was celibate for 2 years.  Apparently she is “insatiable” .. at least until Antonio awakened her desires.  In this book, their passionate D/s relationship has been enhanced by Santos, Antonio’s best friend.  Yadda yadda ..

It is one thing to write a series.  It is one thing to write a series of short novels.  It is a completely different thing to write a book that contains only a few scenes; most of which by the way, were your normal Joe Blow.  Seriously?

I love this story.  I look forward to reading more.  The next book in this series, Reinventing Jane Porter is now on my kindle awaiting my attention.  I’m pretty bummed though.

I like this author a lot, but if I can only look forward to 30 minute stories that cost $2-$4 .. I’m not sure it is worth it.

I suppose I can recommend this MATURE book to adults only.  Strong sexual content.  Duh, right?  The length is very disappointing.  I’ll let yall know about the third book.  If I write that review today .. I’ll be totally bummed.

You do not have to read the first book to “enjoy” this one.

~Happy reading …


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