Book of the day .. Educating Jane Porter – A Jane Porter series # 2 by Dominque Adair

I finally have Educating Jane Porter which is the second book from the Jane Porter series.

The first book, Seducing Jane Porter, can be found on amazon for FREE!  A MUST READ!


Dominance, submission and all sorts of interesting BDSM bits .. this book will most certainly not appeal to the prudish faint of heart…unless of course deep down you’re a curious little bunny 🙂 hehehe

Hmm .. I cannot find an excerpt link that is working properly.  Here is a short bit…

throwing a kink—or two—in her plans…

A Jane Porter story.

Last night Jane met the Master of her dreams…

Tall, dark and very Spanish, Antonio Villareal is a lover unlike any Jane has ever known—undeniably sexy and more than willing to help her explore her submissive side. To find a master who’s a natural dominant is one thing. But kind and considerate, as well? She can hardly believe her good fortune.

Antonio is well aware that Jane is determined to keep their sexual relationship temporary. But he has a different plan in mind.

In the morning he introduces her to his best friend…

Warning: This book contains copious amounts of champagne, kinky under-the-table hi-jinks, a ménage to die for, voyeurism and angry shower sex. What more could you want?

Read Seducing Jane Porter BEFORE reading this one 🙂

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