REVIEW: Iron Kissed – A Mercy Thompson series novel #3 by Patricia Briggs

I love this book 🙂

Patricia Briggs created the wonderful world of Mercy Thompson and her sexy and frustratingly brilliant characters.  Filled with emotional character progression, inner struggles with traumas and reluctant relationships, Mercy Thompson and her sidekicks will wholeheartedly bring smiles to your face while all along leave your heart pounding in anticipation of what is to come.

Iron Kissed is an important book in this series.  Profound back stories are revealed for many of the characters.  Why is that one guy an ass?  This book answers a few of those questions.

Fae magical relics have been stolen by an unknown murderer.  Zee is arrested and Mercy is warned to leave matters to the police and Fae community.  Well, telling Mercy not to do something is like putting fire underneath a teenager.  Explosive things happen.  Funny stuff.

Adam, the local werewolf pack Alpha is temperamental to say the least.  Leaving himself and his pack vulnerable due to his claiming of Mercy, her reluctance to accept his claim hurts her friends in a way she discovers in this book.  Always knowing that Adam’s claim was a political move, a decision to keep her self and to ensure other werewolves do not attempt to claim her as their mate, she is blind to the truths that are life shattering.

Samuel, still struggling with himself and his past heartaches, continues to live with Mercy as her roommate.  Reminding her with unexpected kisses that leave her body throbbing, questioning herself and her feelings floating between Samuel and Adam, keeps things interesting.  Confusion is a good word for this little triangle of smiling yumminess!

The pitter patter of the lust and love filled triangle between Adam, Mercy and Samuel comes to an end.  I can say that much without spoiling the book 🙂

If he’d wanted to take me right then and there, I would have let him.  I’d have done anything for his touch, anything to please him.

Iron Kissed is incredibly seductive.  I recommend this book to all mature adults who have read this series from the beginning.  If you have not, please do so.  The first book is Moon Called.  If you begin mid-series, you will not really appreciate what Patricia Briggs has created for us.

Semi mild  sexual content without too much description, rape and mild to moderate violence are included in this amazing tale.

Line of the book:

Some people are like Slinkies.  They aren’t really good for anything, but they still bring a smile t my face when I push them down a flight of stairs.

5 responses to “REVIEW: Iron Kissed – A Mercy Thompson series novel #3 by Patricia Briggs

  1. One more thing I am impressed with the way your blog is set up on here. I would love to have mine like this ! Great work

  2. I’m going to give this a shot .Have you tried reading David Wellington Monster Island? Great book for Halloween time!

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