REVIEW: Blood Bound – A Mercy Thompson series novel # 2 by Patricia Briggs

I love this series.  Female mechanic shape-shifter, argues and irritates the sexy werewolf Alpha.

Mercy Thompson is a super cool character.  Raised by a werewolf pack before abandoning everything she knew, fell face first into the “real” world.

The “walker” comes from the Skinwalkers of Southwest Indian tribes, but I have less in common with a Skin-walker, at least from what I’ve read, than I do with the werewolves.  I don’t do magic, I don’t need a coyote skin t change shape-and I’m not evil.

Without her knowledge, Bran, the main werewolf Alpha dude, assigned Adam, Mercy’s sexy and irritating Alpha neighbor, to keep an eye on her.  Sharing a property line with her, the animosity between Mercy and Adam is funny.  Their relationship in the first book was awesome.  This book is intense and amazing.  It’s always fun to see how things progress.  I know I use that word a lot, progress or progression .. but is there any other point?  Really?

Falling in love with a werewolf is not a safe thing to do-but falling in love with an Alpha is worse.  Especially for someone like me.  I had fought too long to belong to myself, to allow myself to fall into line with the rest of the pack.

Werewolves are made, not born.  To become a werewolf, you need to survive an attack so vicious that you nearly die-which allows the werewolf’s magic to defeat your immune system.  Man, many of the werewolf’s kin who try to become werewolves themselves die in the attempt.

Blood Bound is twice as heart pounding as Moon Called.  Stefan needs her help, and she owes him a favor.  She finds herself victim to a psycho nut job demon-ridden sorcerer vampire.  He takes over your mind, messes with your memories, and forces you to eat your friends.  Eww, right?

Everyone is searching for the vampire, but he evades.  It isn’t until Warren shows up on the doorstep looking like hamburger.  Near death, his trauma is so brutal that he is unable to speak to report important details.  Details that would help rescue the others that are now being held prisoner.

I can’t say TOO much more!

I will say this.  The little triangle between Adam, Samuel and Stefan is becoming interesting.  I just wonder …(Actually, I know!  I have read this series before …) but you’ll have to read the books yourself.

I recommend this book to mature adults.  Moderate to semi deliciously bloody violence.  Some snuggling but unless I remember incorrectly, there is no actual sexual content.

Read this series in order.

Line of the book:

Benjamin Franklin once said that those who give up their freedom for safety deserve neither.

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