New book of the day!!!


Ok so I changed my again … Found this for 25 cents at a small town store

One response to “New book of the day!!!

  1. So yesterday was a fantastic day! ..I had a blast window shopping and the weather was amazing. Stumbled upon a neat little book consignment store. I almost bought the old paperback Flowers in the Attic, but decided against it hehe 🙂

    So I found this baby on the outside shelves for a quarter. Out of the hundreds of books in front of me .. why did I choose this one?

    Well first, it wasn’t placed properly on the shelf 😉 It was all slanted and wedged which totally does not do it for me haha ..

    I picked it up .. turned it over .. and this is what sold me the book:

    “The phone rang. She picked it up and a chilling voice said: “You’ve been a bad girl. I’m going to take down your panties and spank you …and then I’m going to kill you…”

    Right? Rock on! Was unlucky enough to catch a food poisoning dinner .. sucked ASS. Now that I can drink and stand and walk and look at a book without squinting away the headache, I will open this book tonight:)

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