REVIEW: Fish and Chips – A Ty and Zane series novel #3 by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux

A book a day of Ty and Zane leaves a lonely housewife giddy with smiles!

Fish and Chips was a wonderful book!  I enjoyed it far more than I did the last.  Why, you ask?

Two wonderfully sexy and extremely stubborn FBI agents have fallen all over each other.

Neither will openly admit their feelings and for the most part fight and deny them as hard as they are able.

In Fish and Chips, Ty Grady and Zane Garrett are sent undercover on a cruise as two openly gay and married criminals.  Score!

Zane plays a possessive and arrogant role of “the man in control” and what not.  Ty plays the eye candy and sun bathing other half.  Can you just imagine?!

Although there were scenes that jumped around a bit, leaving you hanging and then hopping into the next scene without notice, the book was still fantastic.

Reading how Ty and Zane interacted in public as a gay couple was deliciously refreshing.  What better way to drown in those fearful emotions than being put on display for the entire ship to see?

Fighting against unknown killers, dealing with past and deadly addictions, toss in a lot of passion and intimate cabin time and you have a grin that will surely leave you dreaming at night.

The caressed and intimate touching between Ty and Zane really grows in this book and their relationship progression is a relief.  I must admit, my heart couldn’t take much more of the waffling back and forth with each other!  Ha 🙂

Ty knows that he is in love with Zane but refuses to say them in inevitable acceptance of the words not being returned.  Sometimes, finding yourself in painful and dangerous situations will force yourself to confess that which you hold dear.

“Only thing I want is you,” he whispered.

I recommend this book to adults only.  The violence is semi mild to slightly moderate.  There is strong sexual content in this book, far more than the previous two.  If you are easily upset by homosexual intimacy, then I suggest you either don’t read this book, or force yourself to read it just to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

I strongly suggest keeping this book away from children AND immature adults.

Line of the book:

“The pessimist says, ‘It can’t get any worse!’ And the optimist replies, ‘Oh yes it can!'”

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