Ty Grady and Zane Garrett from Cut and Run – A Gay romance novel

With everything going on in life at the moment, I have been alternating between romance / paranormal romance and the hilarious Janet Evanovich.

I need to laugh.  I need something to lighten the elephant that is camping on my chest.

I began to read Lean Mean Thirteen by Janet Evanovich.  I love to reread books.  Sometimes I miss things and it’s fun to figure new tidbits about characters.

After going through my kindle books, I remembered that I still had yet to read the “Cut and Run” series.

This is a gay romance series.  Ty and Zane (Males) are FBI agents who are unexpectedly and begrudgingly tossed together as partners to investigate a Tri-State serial killer.

Ty.  Well he’s just a hoot!  He’s the sweaty asshole.  The rugged hotshot with an attitude from hell.  Walking over people and slinging insults around like there is no tomorrow, he is a very hard man with a huge chip on his shoulder.  Tough.  Sexy.  Rough.  He’s just a super macho man who gets under your skin.

Zane.  Hehe … When they first met, Zane was wearing a super clean and beautifully draped suit.  His hair was perfect.  He had no 5 o’clock shadow.  He was everything that Ty couldn’t stand.  I like Zane a lot.  Just when you think he’s going to become this “Pansyass” (Ty’s endearment, not mine!) character, the author opens a whole hell of a well of depth.

I love this book so far.  I am only about 25% into it so far, and I giggle as much if not more than with the Stephanie Plum novels.

It’s one thing to read a heterosexual romance.  The big strong manly man tries desperately to tame the oh so elusive and attractive woman can become so lame.  Sure, it flat-out does it for me, but I’m a lonely housewife.  It’s my job to fall head over heels for a manly man.

With Cut and Run, you have two characters that are profoundly bumping heads and fighting each other without effort.

The fun part of the book, is the refusal of the growing attraction the two men have for one another.  The snide little comments.  The betraying glance and thoughts they both try desperately to not admit are wonderfully delicious.

It’s neat to watch two strong characters involved in a professional partnership progress.

Zane was once married to a woman.  I read that she had died in a car accident.  Ty seems genuinely attracted to women as well.  Perhaps this will become a mutual bi-sexual attraction?  I’m really not quite sure where the story is headed.

All I do know is that the growing tension between these two edible men is explosive and now that I have completed my morning blog post .. Off to the couch I go for more quiet reading time!


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