REVIEW: Twelve Sharp – A Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich

Twelve Sharp is one of my top favorites in the Stephanie Plum series.  This book is positively phenomenal and filled with intense emotional rollercoasters.

Stephanie Plum is a totally rockin awesome character.  In Twelve Sharp, she finds herself lured into a game of hide and seek with some psycho nut job who believes he is Ranger.

Ranger is hiding from the police and is working to find out who kidnapped his daughter, Julie.  In the meantime, he’s in hiding and decides to move in with Stephanie.

If things couldn’t get any hotter, Stephanie woke to find herself tangled with Ranger.  Just before they could get all down and dirty, Morelli walks into the apartment and drops off his duffel bag.  Morelli moves in too!

Can you just imagine?  Two hotties fighting through their alpha male macho attractions?  Heh .. score!

Sometimes I moonlight for a guy named Ranger who’s extremely bad in an incredibly good way.  He’s a security expert, and a bounty hunter, and he moves like smoke.  Ranger is milk chocolate on the outside… a delicious, tempting, forbidden pleasure.  And no one knows what’s on the inside.  Ranger keeps his own counsel.

Grandma Mazur is invited to join Sally (the drag queen) and Lula’s band.  Strutting around in black leather pants, the scenes are hysterically to die for.  I love Grandma Mazur.  She’s hilarious.  Below is a scene of her talking about privates.

“I haven’t seen too many.  Mostly your grandfather’s… and that wasn’t a real pretty sight.  I wouldn’t mind seeing some others.  I’d like to see some minority privates and maybe some blue ones.  I was listening to one of them late-night radio shows and they were talking about blue balls.  I thought that sounded colorful.  I wouldn’t mind seeing some blue balls.”

This book is wonderful.  I recommend it to all adults as there is some slightly mild sexual content.  The violence is mild to moderate, if you count someone blowing up mild.  I suggest reading the other books in this series first, but it’s not entirely needed.  Even without the character’s progression, the story is amazing.

Line of the book

Yeah.  I know I’m a pervert and all, but I’m not that kind of pervert.  I’m sort of a specialist.  I’m like a do-it-yourself pervert.”

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