REVIEW: Eleven on Top – A Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich

The Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich is incredible.

Fun characters.  Exhilarating mystery.  Crimes to be solved.  Lusts to be sated.

Eleven on Top is a neat book.  It is however, not on my top picks for this series.  Nonetheless, the novel is amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Old men disappear and an old enemy keeps trying to blow Stephanie away.  She has an idea who is behind the threats, but as Morelli and Ranger keep explaining to her, she has no evidence and is working based of ‘supposedlies” …

Stephanie quit her job and suffers through other career options.    The fragile and intense team effort between Ranger and Morelli becomes interesting when Stephanie accepts an office job by Ranger.

Stephanie is one of my favorite characters ever.  She is hilarious and is followed closely by Lula in the badass contest.

I’ve been stalked by crazed killers, taunted by naked fat men, firebombed, shot at, spat at, cussed at, chased by humping dogs, attacked by a flock of Canadian honkers, rolled in garbage, and my cars get destroyed at an alarming rate.

Ranger is my sexy devil.  I could snuggle in his bed and never get enough.

Ranger is the mystery man.  He’s a half head taller than me, moves like a cat, kicks ass all day long, only wears black, smells warm and sexy, and is percent pure perfectly toned muscle.  He gets his dark complexion and liquid brown eyes from Cuban ancestors.  He was Special Forces, and that’s about all anyone knows about Ranger.

Mrs. Plum and Grandma Mazur finally have their special moment.  If you have read the books in order, you will appreciate Mrs. Plum being licked silly from drinking and instigating a cake food fight with her mother and pulls in Stephanie and her father.

“Excuse me?” my mother said.  “No control?  Did you say I had no control?  I am the queen of control.  Look at this family.  I have a daughter in Disney World with oogly woogly smoochikins.  I have a granddaughter who thinks she’s a horse.  I have a mother who thinks she’s a teenager.”  My mother turned to me.  “And you!  I don’t know where to begin.”

“That’s it,” Grandma said, narrowing her eyes.  “Eat dirt and die!”  And Grandma scooped up a wad of cake and icing and smushed it into my mother’s face.

“I can’t see!”  my mother shrieked.  “I’m blind.”  She was wobbling around, flailing her arms.  She lost her balance and fell against the table and into the cake.

I recommend this book to everyone with a mature mind 🙂  Some vague sexual content and interesting semi mild violent scenes.

~Happy reading!

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