REVIEW: Mind Game – Game novel #2 by Christine Feehan

I really enjoy the Game series by Christine Feehan.  But for whatever reason, I wasn’t in the mood to get into this book this time around.  Regardless, this review will be a double thumbs up.

A team of extraordinary men, soldiers of extreme discipline, volunteered to be experimented on in hopes of enhancing her natural psychic abilities.

Recently learning that there are also female victims of the same insane but brilliant doctor, Lily must use every contact at her disposal.  Finally, she located Dahlia, a sister of suffering from her childhood.

What the men do not realize, is they will be challenged in a way completely foreign to them.  To be taken over by a woman, to fall deeply in love, to crave her body more than breath itself, leaves them vulnerable and uncomfortable with their new reality.

Nicolas is a quiet and intense man.  Cold and calculating.

Demanding to be the man to hunt Dahlia down and bring her home to the other Ghostwalkers, Nicolas sets out into the bayou in Louisiana to find this miraculous woman.

He could accept the physical attraction, even though the intensity might be disastrous.  He could even accept his deep need to protect her.  He was always the one that looked out for his men, and he took the role seriously.  That was part of his character and he was well aware of it.  But to find himself obsessed-and that was a good word for it- was uncomfortable.  He was trying to keep them both alive, and all he could think about was Dahlia.  The sound of her voice.  The way her smile flashed at him unexpectedly.  It was unnerving how much he thought about her.

Dahlia is an amazing woman who has been forced into isolation due to her sensitivity to emotions and violence.  Beautiful, stunning, she struggles through her attraction of Nicolas as she runs from those hunting her.

This is a wonderful book and I recommend it to adults ONLY.  Strong sexual content and moderate violence with some delicious violence oozing from the pages.

It is not completely necessary to read this book in order, but why not?  You will have more appreciate for their totally rockin awesome characters if you read this series from the beginning.

~Happy reading!

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