REVIEW: Red by Kait Nolan

This is the first time that I have read anything created by Kait Nolan.  As often as I anticipate exploring new authors, I am usually left wanting.  It’s a damned shame…Most of the time.

Thankfully, that is not the case with Red.

I applaud Kait Nolan on her brilliant novel, Red and I look forward to the books to come.  I have high expectations for this author, and once you purchase this book, I have no doubt that you will feel the same.

The newest in paranormal romance, the sweetest of new-found love and attraction, Red leaves your heart pounding with smiles that await the inevitable soft touches and softest kisses.

Sawyer, a young werewolf, son of Doctor Grant McGrath.  A dominant alpha male who only wants what is best for his son.  Protective and controlling, he holds rules over Sawyer with a stern expectation that they will be followed.

Sawyer’s first run-in with Elodie was quite intense and awkward to say the very least.  Heroic and pushy.  Sawyer is left curious and concerned and is unable to refuse the growing attraction or impulsive need to protect the young woman.

No, really, I’m not a stalked, I thought as I crept through the woods to the edge of Elodie’s property.  There were so many things wrong with what I was doing.  It was a broad day, and I shouldn’t be on four feet, but I could move faster this way and I trusted that my fur gave me enough natural camouflage that no one would notice me.

Elodie is a young woman who is deeply confused with the defeat that she is running from something dangerous.  Time.  Something dangerous is growing inside and she fears that she will be unable to control her aggression that will undoubtedly come.

Profoundly loving and concerned for her father and Sawyer, she runs from the very thing that will endanger them all.  Herself and the beast within.

I am seventeen today.  Older than my predecessors by a full year.  Nothing happened the way she said it would.  As far as the history goes, all of them had given birth by now.  All of them were dead by now.  Some hunted and some slaughtered.  Some, like my mother, dead by their own hand.  Maybe it’s because I haven’t transitioned yet, but I cannot see suicide as a viable alternative.  The book hints of madness that accompanies the curse, but my mother seemed right enough in her mind …

A sweet wounded wolf that follows her home, providing a calmness she desperately needed climbs into her heart.

Someone in the shadows watching her.  Hunting her.

This book is amazing, and I couldn’t put it down.  Actually, I take that back.  I had an errand to run and made my husband drive just so I could read the last 8% of this novel.  Obsess much?  Red is that good.

I recommend this book to young adults and adults in general.  There is some mild sexual intentions, but the scene is short and I would agree that it is halted, leaving it indeed appropriate for young but mature adults.  Mild to moderate violent content, gruesome, deliciously descriptive bloody scenes but still, not so much inappropriate.

This link will take you directly to Kait Nolan’s blog post about the book.  Midway you will find several links as to where you can purchase the book itself.  A must read  Enjoy!

I hope to speak to this author soon to discuss some Q & A about this book, the author in general and what to expect of her future word.  I will keep everyone posted!

Until then .. ~ Happy reading!

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