REVIEW: Shadow Games – A Games novel #1 by Christine Feehan

The Game series is amazing.  There are so many paranormal romance books floating around these days.

The Game series is a neat and new adventure that really grasps ahold of you and sucks you in.

Captain Ryland is a strong and dominant leader of a unique “GhostWalker” group that has psychic powers.  Volunteering to undergo tests and possible enhancement by Doctor Peter Whitney, they received more than they bargained for.

There is no other team like us in the world, we can enter an enemy camp completely undetected.  We function in total silence.  We’re GhostWalkers, Lily, and Higgens wants to succeed at any cost.

Doctor Lily Whitney, Peter’s daughter, is incredibly intelligent as well as extremely sensitive to those around her.  Always avoiding touch and closeness of others, she finds herself drowning in nightmares.  Alone.

Peter Whitney introduced her to Ryland as a special “lab rat” and observed the reactions that Lily and Captain Ryland had.

He wasn’t particularly tall, but he had wide shoulders and a muscular build.  His hair was think and so black it was nearly blue.  His eyes were ice cold, the color of steel.  Merciless.  Slashing.  Eyes so cold they burned.  His jaw was strong, his sculpted mouth tempting.  He moved with fluid grace, power and coordination, a hint of danger.  He was pure magic to her, he had been from the moment she had laid her eyes on him.

Doctor Peter Whitney’s sudden death leaves Lily unsure of whom to trust.  Surrounded by loved ones,  she suffers through nights, unable to sleep, or falling into Ryland’s arms, erotic dreams filling her with need.

Christine Feehan has created a new world of sexy men and women that fight the consuming passion whether or not they choose to acknowledge it is a different story.    Conspiracy, and unknown enemies await for Lily or Ryland’s team to make one little mistake that will bring their plans shattering until they all die.

I recommend this book to anyone in need of a change in paranormal romance.  There is moderate but tactful sexual content and unusual violence.  I do not recommend this book to children or immature adults.  ADULTS ONLY!

If you’re interested in this book, please make sure to read my Book of the Day post for this book .. the first chapter is displayed for your reading pleasure 🙂

Until later ..

~Happy reading

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