REVIEW: Sweet Temptation – A Sweet series novel # 4 by Maya Banks

This book was intense!  INTENSE!  The entire book was heart shattering, blood gushing, skin tingling erotic.

Sweet Temptation is a story about Micah and Angelina.

This book is filled with mystery.  Despair.  Doubt.  Betrayal.  And I loved every second of it.

Micah has been a free-spirited and sexual charged character in all of the prior books.  He is funny, sexy, and adores the female body.  A total man whore to say the least.

Micah has been running from the grief of his best friend, David and his wife, Hannah’s deaths.

Fighting against his attraction (notice a pattern here? heh) for Angelina, a tempting and lust filled sexual deviant like himself, he offers her the only thing he can control.  Sex.  No strings.  No feelings.  Nothing but sex to be used and abused.

Angelina, David’s little sister, not so little now, throws herself into Micah’s life.  She’s not the only one running from demons.  Angelina runs away, hidden, trying to free herself from a dangerous stalker.

The House is her playground and the moment Micah sees her, he wanted her with all the throbbing blood rushing to his groin.

As they both share similar kinks, Micah shares her with his friends.  The relationships are pretty damned brutal, actually.  There were times when I would stop reading and just stare at my kindle in awe.  Like .. “Seriously?  Holy fkn shit!  I can’t even imagine…” but then again .. One must persevere heh

She turned to look over her shoulder.  “I don’t get to make the choices,” she said quietly.  “I belong to Micah.  He gave me to you for the night.  If I disobey you, if I challenge you, if I tell you no, then I tell him all those things.  I disrespect him.  And I love him more than life.”

I recommend this book to people who .. well I do NOT recommend this book to people who are closed-minded with their eyes so tightly shut that they can’t see the clouds above them.  I do recommend this book to anyone that has appreciated the books in this series prior to this one.  This book is for ADULTS ONLY!

Extremely brutal sexual content.  Like .. WHOA worthy.  Whoa doesn’t even cover it.  Most of the violence in this book is consensual, but that doesn’t make it any less thrilling.

Line of the book:

“It’s generally known that men are worthless human beings around female tears,” Gray said from across the room.

~Happy reading!

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