REVIEW: Sweet Seduction – A Sweet series novel # 3 by Maya Banks

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This series has fallen into a soap opera worthy story line.  I really like that.  It’s nice to read about the relationships from the prior books.

Sweet Seduction is story about Julie and Nathan.  Their relationship is different from the previous ones.

Although some of the scenes in this book were outstanding, I really wasn’t impressed.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like the author, Maya Banks.  As with any writer, sooner or later they will create a book that just doesn’t do it for me.  It happens.

In my opinion, this is that book.

Julie is a fun and exhilarating character.  She is a whole lot of women covered in curves and breasts that make a man drool.  After suffering through her unnoticed attentions towards Nathan, she finally decides to hell with him and moves on.

But hey, girls’ night out was sacred, and that meant nothing with a penis was going to be within ten feet.

Oddly enough, she turns to Damon and requests a two night spree of an anonymous threesome.  Being blindfolded, she has no clue who her lovers are.  Fun, right?  And I’m so not telling!

Nathan is a sweet guy with hotness that leaves your toes tingling.  Unfortunately, he’s not too bright when it comes to women.  Lusting after Julie but unable to approach her, the woman who flat-out does it for him turns away and leaves him in the dust.  Fed up with their opposing magnetic due to fear relationship or lack thereof, Nathan finally grows a set of balls.

“I’ve tried doing this your way,” he growled.  “I’ve tried being patient, understanding, gentle even.  I didn’t want to come across as some knuckles-dragging-the-ground Neanderthal because I was afraid you’d run hard in the other direction.  Ha!  Well, I’m done with that.  This time we’re doing it my way.”

I recommend this book to adults only, and to those that have read the previous books in this series.  Extreme sexual content.  Mild delicious and consenting violence.

Now onto the next book! ..  Sweet Temptation!

~Happy reading!

So, yesterday I couldn’t take my thoughts away from this book and the review that I wrote.  I realized that it wasn’t really disapointment that I was feeling.  The book really was amazing and the progression and struggles in Julie and Nathan’s relation was totally rockin’ awesome.

The book really is excellent.  I suppose I was expecting a little bit more of an alternative lifestyle within it.  That’s what I get 🙂

One response to “REVIEW: Sweet Seduction – A Sweet series novel # 3 by Maya Banks

  1. After thinking longer on what this book impressed upon me .. Once I have use of a computer, I will update and edit this review to show my enlightenment.

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