REVIEW: Sweet Persuasion – A Sweet series novel # 2 by Maya Banks

Surprisingly enough, apparently I was too engrossed in this book to waste time making notes.

I really though that I had highlighted a ton of wonderful moments, but when I checked my notes.. Nada!

Sweet Persuasion is totally rockin’ awesome.  The emotional rollercoaster in this book left my heart pounding as I read and read and got it! .. Read.

Serena, a business owner specializing in fantasy fulfillment, finds herself empty.  She spends her time helping others smile as they live a moment they have always dreamed of.  Being a chef at a fancy restaurant.  A princess on a cruise ship.  But what about her own fantasies?  An arrogant, strong-willed and stubborn woman wants to explore her fantasy of being a sex slave.

Faith, a wonderful friend, introduces her to Damon, the owner of The House.

Damon, a handsome GQ man who refuses to settle for a woman, a relationship that is less than what he needs.  His desires as intense as he, demanding and dominant, he feels as if he has lost all hope to find the woman who will fill his heart and shackles.

This book takes you through the journey into the beginning of a relationship between a “Master” and his “slave.”  As they both struggle through awkward and unsure moments, each turn, each decision takes them deeper into a world they unexpectantly tiptoed around.

Unlike a lot of books, I found myself very excited in anticipation of what would come next.  I found throat burning as the book slipped me into a saddened state of disappointment.  Nothing elates me more than a sling shot of emotional turmoil.

I recommend this book to ADULTS ONLY!  This is an erotica book that focusses on relationships and scenes absorbed into a world of BDSM.

Severely strong sexual content.  Punishment and despair.

Sweet Persuasion, the second book in Maya Bank’s Sweet series is amazing!

~Happy reading!

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