REVIEW: Sweet Surrender – A Sweet series novel # 1 by Maya Banks

This review contains some content that may not be appropriate for all eyes.  I have chosen a paragraph from the book that is tasteful (IMHO) and gives you a look into how the author portrays delicious moments between the lovers in Sweet Surrender.

It has been a  very long time since I’ve read an erotica book.  I was a little shocked haha .. I guess I feel old.  Regardless, this book was super cool and I really like the story and the characters.

The author did a fantastic job bringing the characters to left.  The diversity of personalities is a wonderful change.

Sweet Surrender is a book about the relationship between Faith and Gray.

Faith is a sweet and kind woman who is disappointed and unsatisfied with the relationships in which she has found herself.  Although the men in her life have been kind and respectful, they have also been entirely too passive for her tastes.  She craves a man who will make the decisions for her.  She craves submission and to be taken over by the passion that only a real man can give her.

Gray is a cop that is grieving over his dead partner that was murdered.  Taking some leave from work, he relocates to Houston where he inserts himself into a security business where Faith works.  She is his only lead and he must get close to her in hopes of luring the murderer out into the open.

Fighting the attraction (I just love it when they fight it haha), they both constantly turn away from each other.  Avoiding lust filled eyes and sexual tension, the relationship becomes firework worthy explosive.

Deciding to take control of her sexuality, she searches for a way to dive into a new lifestyle.  “The House” is an establishment that hosts a scrumptious amount of room to fulfil almost any fantasy a person can dream of.  Need.

Gray refuses to let Faith put herself in that position and walks into The House to bring her home kicking and screaming if he has to.  What he finds, sends lightning shooting through his body as well as rage.  Trying to prove to Faith what she does and truly does not want, Gray opens up a moment between them that are unable to ignore.

For once, her heart and her mind were in unison with her body.  Never had she felt so complete.  So satisfied.  So content.  So convinced that this was where she was supposed to be.  Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks as every single muscle in her body tightened unbearably.  And finally her release flooded her, relaxing the tension.  She floated, weightless, cradled in his arms.  She became aware of him kissing her ear and murmuring soothing words.

This book has extremely strong sexual content.  Mild violence.  Forewarning, this is an erotica book that is surrounded by an alternative lifestyle.  Read at your own lust filled bravery!

I recommend this book to any lonely housewife.  I recommend this book to anyone in general that needs a little spike for their fantasies.  I recommend this book to anyone that is searching for something they may feel ashamed of.

Now, I’m on to the next book of the series,  Sweet Persuasion.

Happy reading!

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