REVIEW: Shadowfever – A Fever series novel # 5 by Karen Marie Moning

This was a long book.  I thought there was something seriously wrong with my kindle.  So, I looked up the book and WHAM!  600+ pages heh ..

Two words to describe this “final” book in the Fever series … HOLY SHIT! 🙂

I am going to write a vague review with some text from the book itself.  I don’t want to chance spoiling what happens .. WOW!

Humans versus Unseelie versus Seelie versus each other?  Lies.  Secrets.  Manipulation.  Lust.  Shock!

This is the best book I have read this year.  Hands down .. totally rockin’ awesome!!

Mac and friends, or are they? .. Fighting for the world itself, selfish desires, power and individual goals leaves this book wide open for an enigmatic journey through Shadowfever.

The Lord Master, formally Aline’s love muffin leaves Mac unsure of what she believes that has come to pass.

The son of a bitch that started it all: seduced and either killed Alina or got her killed; had me raped by the Unseelie Princes, lobotomized, and turned into a helpless slave; abducted my parents and forced me into the Silvers; and drove me to the cliff’s edge, where I murdered Barrons.

He just doesn’t sound like a nice guy at all, does he?  Strangely enough, there are little tidbits that are revealed in this book about our ever-loving Darroc, Lord Master.  Enjoy!

Mac is an amazing character.  She’s my hero.  In the beginning, MacKayla was a sun shining rainbow that focussed on manicures and matching hot pink purses.  A cute sway of her hips while wearing a bright white skirt with adorable shoes she saved all summer for.

She’s just not our little girl anymore, is she?  She’s on edge.  She is pissed off and sick and tired of everyone’s shit.  Struggling with herself, her feelings, her identity, she continues to walk through the world that is hunting her down .. climbing into her throat and obsessively trying to possess her.

“Some people wouldn’t see a traitor when they looked at me.  Some people would see a survivor.  Call me anything you like-I sleep fine at night.  But you will look at me when you say it.  Or I’ll get so far in your face you’ll be seeing me in your nightmares.  I’ll scorch myself on the backs of your eyelids.  Get off my back and stay off it.  I’m not the woman I used to be.  If you want a war with me, you’ll get one.  Just try me.  Give me an excuse to go play in that dark place inside my head.”

WHOA!  Brings tingling goosebumps, does it not?

Barrons is just the sexiest thing that I have read in a long time.  He even beats Olaf!  Total bonus there!

Who is he?  What is he?  Where does he go when he leaves her?  The questions are endless and Mac strives to find those answers.  Evasive, strong, cryptic and lonely, Barrons digs underneath your skin and just snuggles you raw.

I can’t say a whole bunch about the revelations in this book, because OH MY GOODNESS BABY! .. You’ll just have to read for yourself 🙂

Dani surprises a lot of people with her consistent loyalty, regardless of what her past has morphed her into.    Mac and Dani grow profoundly close.  Birthday cakes and movies.  Painted toe nails and girl talk.

Unexpectedly, .. wait..I cannot say it!  *Beep*  Remove your fingers from the keyboard .. warning spoilers allowed!

Wooo .. I made it.  Nothing spoiled.

I recommend this book to adults that HAVE read this entire series from beginning to “end” .. If you have NOT read the books leading up to this one, then you’re just plain weird.  Read this series IN ORDER!

Strong sexual content, brutally lip licking delicious violence and a world that will just leave you throbbing with excitement!  A must read.

Line of the book

She warms his frost.  He cools her fever.

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