REVIEW: Dreamfever – A Fever series novel # 4 by Karen Marie Moning

I am going to try my best not to mention any specific spoilers, but just in case, please dont’ read this unless you’ve read the book.

I will try to be vague, as people who spoil books should totally be shot lol .. Just kidding.  But seriously, you’ve been forewarned!

Ok, I know I write a lot of thumbs up reviews.  Some books are disappointing, some well just downright stink .. IMHO.

What words would I use to describe Dreamfever?


As irritating as the all caps above is, this book deserves no less.

The last book, Faefever, was an interesting book, but left me wanting.  I’m huge on relationships and triangles and unsatisfied lustful urges and desires.  This series, although there are moments of oh my goodness, left me reading on in hopes of finding what it is I need.

Faefever ended in a rather frustrating cliffhanger.  The only bit that left me not completely irritated, I owned the next book and was able to immediately continue the story.


Unlike most books, this one begins with a bang.  The first page, awesome.  And every page that followed left me on the edge of my seat.  This is one of the best books I have read in a long time.  But in order to really appreciate the emotional and physical turmoil that Mac suffers through, you must read this series from the beginning.

At the end of the last book, Faefever, Mac was being raped and consumed by the Unseelie Princes.  Dreamfever picks up at that moment and will leave your heart pounding.  I cannot even imagine what Mac felt or went through.

Who’d’ve thought destruction could be so beautiful?  Seductive.  Consuming.  My fourth lover-War?  He ministers to me tenderly.  Ironic for the bringing of Chaos, creator of Calamity, maker of Madness-if that is who he is.  I cannot see his face, no matter how I try.  Why does he hide?

I orgasm without ceasing.  I become the orgasm.  Pleasure-pain!  Exquisite!  Mind-melting, soul-shredding, the more they fill me the emptier I am.  It’s slipping, all slipping, but before it goes, before it’s gone completely, I get a hateful moment of clarity…

I am going to completely skip over the first 25% of this book.  It is entirely too wonderfully delicious and exceptionally thrilling that I will not lessen it to copy the text in this amateurish review 🙂

Now Dani surprised me.  She popped up periodically in the other book, but I did not pay much attention to her character.  Dani becomes a key role in this book.  I love her character.  She reminds me of an outstanding teenager that I hold dear to my heart.

Dani and Mac become an unstoppable team.  A pair of weapons that seek out and eradicate the streets of Dublin with every step of their journey.  She’s funny.  She’s witty.  The growing relationship between Dani and Mac will leave you smiling.  They compliment each other very well and I hope to see more of them in the next book.

Dani made a choking sound.  “Eating Unseelie?  Eating it?  Are you fecking kidding me?  It’s goopy, and some of em ooze green stuff and they have … like … pus-filled things in em!  Ugh.  Just fecking ugh!”  She stuck her tongue out and shook her head violently.  “Ugh!” she exploded again.

Barrons is my sweetie.  I still have yet to figure him out.  There is something deep, dark and feral inside of him that makes him irresistable to me, and strangely off-limits to Mac.  His tough character to her sweet but stubborn one is…cute.  As horrible as that word is to describe their relationship, they are hilarious and heart shattering at the same time.

“Names are illusions,” he growled.  “Nonsensical labels seized upon by people to make them feel better about the intangibility of their puny existences.  I am this.  I am that,” he mocked.  “I cam from so and so.  Ergo I am … whatever the blah-blah you want to claim.  Bloody hell, spare me.”

V’lane … well I’m just not quite sure about him.  He seems to good to be true.  Caring enough to take care of Mac’s family.  Bringing Mac’s home back to life and giving her anything she desires.  I suppose I will find out in the next book, but I think he’s going to be a bad guy.  We’ll see!

Mac struggles with her feelings.  She fights her way through an army of sisters that could potentially be destruction for the bad guys, but keeps being thrown out and away from the Grand Mistress of bitchiness herself.

In effort to not discuss any spoilers, I will end this review with my usual…

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has been lucky enough to find this series.  If I had more than two thumbs, it would receive a triple thumbs up!  This is one of the most incredible books I have read in a long time and I am feeling a glowing, smiling happiness that my laptop is being worked on .. allowing me time to drown myself in this series.

I do not recommend this book to children or immature adults.  Extreme sexual content.  Disgustingly wonderful blood and guts scenes.  I love it!

Now that I have finished this review, I must go upstairs to my reading couch and ram my brain into the final book of the series, Shadowfever.

~Happy reading!! ❤

The entire book is worthy of being reread dozens of times.

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