REVIEW: Bullet – An Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter series novel # 19 by Laurell K. Hamilton


Bullet is an amazing book.  I know that I say that quite often about the books in this series, but hell what can I say?  This one is totally rockin awesome!

Anita is a pretty uptight and complicated character .. to say the least!  This book doesn’t give her any relax wiggle room.

Several things happen in this book and I just can’t help myself but spoil some of the fun!

Richard returns to the scene.  The first time I read this book, I was like ugh fuck, Richard’s back.  But WOW holy moly baby!  In this book, he most definitely does NOT disappoint!

Finally!  A bed filled with Jean-Claude, Anita, Richard and…..ASHER?!  Yes!  After all the pouting and moping around, Asher finally receives Anita’s blessing to become Jean-Claude’s lover.  But before he is able to appreciate the delightful yumminess of our blessedly endowed Master of the City .. Richard steps into his dominant mode and bloodied Asher with a flog?  While covered in Asher’s blood, Richard has sex with Anita.  Anita can’t help herself while Richard is inside of her .. as she watches Jean-Claude kneeling behind Asher as they enjoy their bodies “as of old.”

I know that’s a yea whatever to some but it’s about damned time.

Richard gets shot.  Lung pierced and is dying.  The extremes that Richard’s pack goes through to save his life is unbearably painful.  But he’s saved.  Yes!

Mommie Dearest possesses Belle Morte and Padma.  Eww much?  The shit really hits the fan in this book.

Rotting Master Vampires on killing sprees, ardeurs ripping through the underground of the Circus of the Damned, and all different tiger clans visiting to see if Anita and Jean-Claude really are the new “Master of Tigers.”

The orgies in this book are phenomenal and downright scary.  The homosexual sodomy that finally takes place in this book is a pleasant surprise as well.

What’s the biggest surprise?  Anita gives Richard and Jean-Claude her blessing to take a weretiger to their bed!  As Anita walks towards the bedroom to .. yet again .. have sex with another stranger .. she can’t help but watch Richard and Jean-Claude bring the tiger to climax.  Jealous?  No.  And that is what upsets her the most.

Asher finally finds one of the new men that Anita is bringing into their bed appealing.  The man thinks Asher is the most beautiful man ever.  Bonus!  The sex between Anita, Nathaniel, Micah, Dev and Asher is pretty intense.  It’s a fantastic intimate scene.  Two thumbs up!

I recommend this book to all adult men and women in need of some special twisted yumminess.  Everyone feels empty sometimes.  Why not fill it with dripping goo of hotstuff?  This book contains extreme sexual content and violence.  I strenuously advise you keep this book away from all children and immature adults.  MATURE ADULTS ONLY!

Line of the book:

“When you dance with the devil, it might as well be a devil who can give you your own corner of hell to rule.”

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