REVIEW: Skin Trade – An Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter series novel # 17 by Laurell K. Hamilton

Skin Trade is a phenomenal book!  The story, the plot, the characters and the relationships .. everything about this book just flat-out does it for me.

Blake received a package that contained a human head.  Eww, right?  I mean .. who does that?

I’d worked my share of serial killer cases, but none of the killers had ever mailed me a human head.  That was new, I looked down at the head, ghostly through the plastic bag it was wrapped in.

Rushing home to pack for the trip, Anita does everything possible to avoid informing her loved ones that she will be flying to Las Vegas ALONE.  No food.  No sweetie.  Nothing.  You would think about all this time, she’d accept the whole ardeur bit, but alas .. she is still blind.

Edward, the sexy hot stuff Olaf, and Bernardo are just part of the team that is searching for a monster that is beyond twisted.  I love the gruesome drippy blood scenes!  There were a few descriptive scenes in this book, but I would have liked more.  More brains oozing.  More slippery entrails.  I don’t know .. more hell.

I can’t get enough of Olaf.  I want a book with JUST OLAF.  What can I say?  Yummy!  In Skin Trade, the relationship between Blake and Olaf becomes really interesting.  He’s still sick and twisted.  She is still disgusted and scared.  Anita humors him and he tries to figure her out so that he can please her?  Totally weird stuff there.  What I’m describing doesn’t do the relationship justice.  You must read the series yourself!

“Thanks, Olaf, I mean that, but…” I thought about what to say next.  “I don’t think we want our first time together to be in the back of a truck.”

He seemed to think about it for a minute or two, then said, “More time and room would be welcome.”

Woo hoo!

Then of course we have the emotional purge from Edward.  He speaks.  He answers questions.  He comforts.  He kisses foreheads?  That’s just not our Edward!

“Everything that has happened to you happened because you were trying to save someone else.  The vampire powers are the same as a gunshot wound, Anita.  You got both in the line of duty.”

In this book, Vittorio returns with a vengeance.  He still has a hard on for strippers, not literally.  I was wondering when he would reappear in this series.

There were burns on half her face, and going down one side of the body.  The skin was red and angry and blackened and peeling, and the other half of her body was perfect.

This is an amazing book.  The “bad guys” in this story are fantastic and intriguing.  The description below is cryptic and luring.

“They are a second kind of people, Anita, created from air, as we were created from earth.  They are very powerful spirits, so powerful that King Solomon destroyed them as a people and made them slaves to his bidding, and they were reduced to servants, or only spirits, whose greatest abilities lie in the whispering evil in our ears to manipulate us.”

I recommend this book to all adults that are in need of something totally rocking awesome!  Extreme sexual content.  Extreme descriptive violence.  Suggestive yumminess, but hey .. two thumbs up!  I strongly advise this book be kept away from all children AND immature adults.

Line of the book!

When in doubt, shut the fuck up.

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