Edward or Olaf? from the Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter novels by Laurell Hamilton

First off .. HP has finally acknowledged that there is “more than likely” a safety issue with this laptop.  I’m not sure what the hint was.. my wrist being burned?  Who knows!

So I will not be posting much for the next two weeks.  At least .. not from this laptop.

So!  Edward or Olaf?

Edward is a bounty hunter who enjoys killing.  He has secrets.  Don’t we all?  He finally managed to care about someone.  Donna and her two kids have latched onto “Ted” his alter ego.  He has a “family” now and appears to be showing more emotion, more information about himself, and opening himself up to admitting there is a true friendship between himself and Blake.

Olaf is a sexual sadist, a sociopath that totally rocks my world.  Sick isn’t it?  His victim profile consists of petite, brunette women.  Sound like anyone you know?  After beheading and cutting out a certain vampire’s heart, Olaf bonded with Anita in a most twisted way.  The lust that filled his eyes as Anita pulled the heart from the body scared her.

Now, you may ask, what the hell?  How is there even a competition between these two men?   There just is!

Edward has a family now.  He loves (or at least his version of love) his new family.  He has filled the role of father to the children and avoids inevitable death by super big bad guys if he can help it.  Why?  He does not want to leave his family alone.

I admit that Edward has his enigmatic sex appeal.  But the fact that he has a loving family, that means HANDS OFF in my book!  If something ever happened to them, then sure why not!  But until then, I hope that Anita and Edward do not fall victims to the ardeur.

I don’t know what it is about Olaf that just melts my butter.  He’s sick.  He’s twisted.  He gets his rocks off torturing small women, ripping their intestines out of their bodies, making them bleed and of course.. we can’t forget their screams.  I know in one book he was accused of raping a woman, his response was something more or less how the police showed up before he could get to it.

So again I ask .. Why Olaf?

I really don’t know..I will have to think longer on this because the more I read the more I smile the more I .. mm yummy .. The more concerned I become.  Who lusts after a sexual sadistic psychopath?  Well shit.  I guess I do o.O

2 responses to “Edward or Olaf? from the Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter novels by Laurell Hamilton

  1. I am an Olaf fan too! I am interested to see how the story develops after the happenings in Hit List, but if past novels are anything to go by, Olaf wont feature in the next book, it will concentrate more on the St Louis group more!! Gotta love the TDH characters!!

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