Jason and Anita Blake in Blood Noir by Laurell Hamilton

One of the things I love about series books is when the author creates a new story that allows you a more in-depth view of characters.

We have already read Micah, a book that is centered on Anita and Micah’s relationship as well as great insight into his character creation.

Now we have a book that is truly amazing.  I love this book!  Jason always makes me smile.  His character is fun and flirtatious.  He drives Anita crazy sometimes, but it is good for her.

In this book, Jason and Blake take a trip to visit his family and his dying father.  No one else joins them on this adventure, so it is a neat twist to see how the two characters interact when they are not distracted with all of the other sweeties.

In Blood Noir, Jason really comes to life.  The background is fantastic and shows you just how much depth there is behind is sweet and sexy smile.  Out of all of the characters thus far, Jason has become one of my favorites.  Nathaniel, Micah and Jason .. in that order.  ATM Anyways .. Asher is up there too.  Richard is totally trashed into the bottom of the list.  He doesn’t even make the list at all!  He’s on the top of my shit list.  What can I say?  I just don’t like assholes that engulf themselves in superiority, double standards, jealous and regret.

Aside from his fun side, Jason is a very intelligent and insightful person.  He surprised Anita a couple of times with observations about her love life and the way she fills herself with rage when she is unsure of herself or just embarrassed in general…which happens often.

Anita finds herself alone with Jason and a ton of drama, and the thing she fears most are the long heart to heart, over-analytical conversations with him.

I’m only about 25% into the book at the moment.  So I will leave this post and take advantage of my kid’s nap!

Hasta .. and happy reading!

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