REVIEW: The Harlequin – An Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter series novel # 15 by Laurell K. Hamilton

The Harlequin is a very interesting book.

Have you ever tried to make spaghetti sauce from scratch?  In the beginning, you add all the spices and you think you have a good thing going.  Then after you let it simmer for a few hours, everything explodes and you have this monstrosity of a pot of sauce that has drowned itself in too many flavors?

Well that’s this book.

Some people say that you could never have too much of a good thing.  I disagree.  I enjoy reading about all of Blake’s sweeties, all the bad guys, Edward and sexy psycho Olaf, but throwing them all into a book together isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Anita Blake.  My hero.  The sexy goddess of lust and wrath .. dundundun ..

I sat behind my desk, sipping coffee from my newest Christmas-themed mug: a little girl sat on Santa’s lap saying, “Define good.”

Anita is an awesome character.  My friend asked me to describe her and it just isn’t an easy thing to do.  And then I read this book.  There is a two-word sentence that just flat-out does it for me.

Romantically handicapped.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg baby!

Wereanimals fighting for political pull.  Betrayal from Anita’s closet bodyguards.  In the end, will they protect her or their leader?

The Harlequin, the boogeyman, the police of the vampire society stalks and hunts Anita and her loved ones.  No one follows their own rules.  Laws are broken.  Just when you think you’ve made sense on “what is and what is not allowed” the shit hits the fan.

Ultimatums from one of her main sweeties leaves her heart-wrenching.  Anita isn’t sure if she can give him what he needs and is afraid if she cannot, if he will leave her for someone who will.

Bottom line of this book .. It’s a great book!  Lots of sex, blood and gore.  Stubborn hearts refusing to be ripped out of chest cavities.  Sexy psycho Olaf courting Anita in only his delusional way.

Two deaths!  Man .. It’s about time.  Kill some of them off and get on with it 😉

“In this world I would rather live two days like a tiger than a hundred years like a sheep.”

I recommend this book to all adults, especially to those of you that are reading this series.  This book is a MUST read.  There are a LOT of key factors that are formed in this book that carry on to the next three.  I strongly advise keeping this book away from ALL children AND teenagers.  Only mature adults should read this book.

Politically correct and STRONG twisted SEXUAL content.  Extreme violence, blood and smiling gore.  Yeehaw for blood dripping sex!  Or is that sexy dripping blood?  Damn.. is there a difference?

I’m off to read Blood Noir now!

Happy reading!

5 responses to “REVIEW: The Harlequin – An Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter series novel # 15 by Laurell K. Hamilton

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  2. There is truly little that is really similar to AB. Fore a similar level of violence I’m not sure there is anything as well done. High end violence, (No carnality) and different uber-vampires can possibly be obtained with Christopher Golden’s The Shadow Saga – 1st book Of Saints and Shadows .
    Less violent less carnality you have Susan Sizemore’s Laws Of The Blood series – first book Heroes.
    There are all so the books with the spirited heroine Sookie Stakehouse – now the bonk busting TV series Tue Blood – The first of which I think is Dead until Dark.
    Another spirited heroine is Georgina Kincaid of Richelle Mead’s Succubus series that starts with Succubus Blues.
    The is of course the classic Dracula Series of Fred Saberhagen with Holmes turning up in it as a Dhampire the first of which is The Dracula Tape.
    Another classic Vampire series is The Vampire Files, by P N Elrod, of which the first is Blood List. The series set in during prohibition, with the main character a vampire who is a hard boiled detective. Elrod also wrote the I, Strad (a Ravenloft novel) with a vampire in the classic Varney The Vampire / Stokeresque mold. She also at one time ran a Blake 7 fanzine, if you believe the blurb.
    There are also the Tanya Huff series Blood Lines and Smoke and Shadows.
    Of course if you want truly bad vampire fiction try Varney the Vampire which you can find freely available at Project Gutenberg Varney The Vampire HTML it was a penny dreadful. There was also Wagner The Werewolf but never found that one.
    Hunting for new author to read, I recommend reading collections of short stories such as those edited by Martin H Greenberg. Those who can write a good short story will often be able to keep you interested to the end of a book. If they cannot keep your interest to the end of a short story then there is little hope with a book. For Sort stories with a high degree of carnality there are the books edited by Cecilia Tan published by circlet Press.

    If you want to try fiction that plays with the concepts of the archetypes of Vampire and Werewolf and sets about creating a world or at least a counties for them to inhabit then you could try my blog – shirerealms .

  3. Those who cannot be named (The Harlequin) are significant to the story up until the latest book Hit List (4 or 5 books on). If you’re a real Anita Fan you should consider reading Arduer whic is essays about the Anita Blake Series.

    • Very cool, thanks! I will most definitely check it out .. On Blood Noir now .. I think there are two books left .. The next and then Hit List .. Hit List disappointed me .. Looking forward to her next book .. She is working on both Blake and Gentry books ATM yay 🙂


      I just realized I am missing two books on my bookshelf:( bummer!
      So, I have three more to read.

    • I just looked it up! Fantastic! I will purchase it this week:). Do you have any recommendations on other books that are similar to Blake?

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