Book of the day … The Harlequin – An Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter novel Laurell Hamilton

I’ve already begun to read this book.  I was a little bummed yesterday when I noticed that a post that I had published turned up blank.  Bleh but anyways.

Only two books left in this series .. I’m pretty excited about that.  Although I love the Blake series, I’m really looking forward to reading someone new!

Back cover:

The Harlequin’s warning to Anita Blake is presented in a gift box, left where she’d be sure to find it.  Inside, carefully wrapped in folds of pristine tissue paper, is a white mask, utterly plain.  The fact that it’s white, Jean-Claude tells her, is the good news.  White means they are only being observed.

The flow of power that connects Anita Blake with Jean-Claude, vampire Master of the City, and Richard, Ulfric of the werewolves, has been growing and changing, increasing exponentially.  Their powers seem to have attracted attention, and it’s a kind of attention no one would desire.  Jean-Claude and Richard need to be strong allies now.  Nathaniel and Micah need to give all their love and aid.  And Anita will need to call on Edward, whose utterly human ruthlessness in her defense makes him the right man for the job.

Anita Blake has the authority to pass judgement on vampires.  The Harlequin have the authority to pass judgement on her.  It is forbidden to speak of The Harlequin unless you’ve been contacted.

And to be contacted by The Harlequin is to be under sentence of death.

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