REVIEW: Incubus Dreams – An Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter series novel # 12 by Laurell K. Hamilton

As we read further into the Anita Blake series, the theme is more colorful, and surrounded by relationships, sex, blood and more sex.  A metaphysical handicap forces Blake to “feed” off of someone as she screws him.  It was a neat idea, but in the end it gets a little old.  I mean, how many people could she possibly have sex with?

Look!  A bad guy!  Hold on, I must have sex with this stranger before I can function.  I enjoy a nice twisted sexual triangle any day, but the adeur has become something of a repetitive dripping stream of bullshit.  If I wanted to read about unusual and alternative sexual relationships, I’d read the Beauty series by Anne Rice.

Unfortunately I do love this series, and will continue to be a faithful reader and fan 🙂  My one wish is that the adeur thing would be cooled down a bit, maybe even become a “skill of the past” .. Leave her current relationships alone, maybe kill off a few guys and we might just have a series about a vampire hunter and bloody brains without every other page discussion what it takes to orgasm our way through an adeur feeding.

I recommend this book to anyone that has read this series from the beginning.  At this point, nothing is going to make sense unless you have a good idea of background on how we got here.

Intense and descriptive sexual content, with SERIOUSLY alternative and although deliciously played, a scene between Anita Blake and a leopard?  Perhaps sexually disturbing to some, and just may be intriguing to others! Woo!  Weird but awesome 🙂

This book should be kept away from children, as well as teenagers.  I advise that this book and from here on out, the series be read by adults only.

Careful, below is a spoiler that I am unable to keep to myself!

Happy Reading!






I love Nathaniel!  I think he is wonderful, and by far my FAVORITE character and sweetie of this series.    Fighting her attraction with Nathaniel, refusing to have actual sexual intercourse, penetration and all .. Blake realizes the need to have backup in case the oh so wonderfully lingering adeur needs to be fed.

Nathaniel attends to her needs in her office when the shit hits the fan.  The intense taking was by far heart throbbing and skin tingling scenes in this series.  Perhaps not the most descriptive or brutal sexual scenes, but the most important in my opinion.  Nathaniel rocks my world, and he finally takes Anita across the line.

Forcing her to acknowledge the sexual attraction, he finally, FINALLY becomes one of her main sweeties, sharing a bed with her main squeeze Micah.

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