Politically Correct Sex?


Homosexuality?  Alternative?  Monogamous?  Polyamorous?  BDSM?  Casual?  Quoted from Weird Science .. whips, chips, chains whips?

I’m a 34-year-old woman.  I have had a pretty interesting eclectic taste of men, and my parents can attest to that! lol ..

Everyone has their own personal lines of what is and is not acceptable.  What is disgusting to one is orgasm shattering to another.  I am a firm believer in the phrase to each his own.

There are a ton of blogs written by women and men ranting and raving about their wants and needs.  Some write posts with thousands of words that try to convince you of their extreme ideas of WHY certain desires or thoughts are disturbing and should be viewed as perverted and even discussed with a therapist.

I cannot imagine my grandparents discussing the need of ropes, floggers or additional partners in their beds.  I mean .. eww.

I cannot imagine walking into my parents house and finding some full-blown orgy.

And even more whoaness, I cannot even fathom waltzing into a PTA meeting and finding the director wearing a bondage outfit and holding a flogger while he or she directs the topic of whether or not our children should be allowed to use backpacks.

With the exception of my grandparents or parents (because I think I would be permanently scarred), I hope that all of those normal PC people who have perfect makeup, matching purses and watches, freshly cut hair and sideburns, or a sweet housewife wearing a sundress while she pushes a stroller through the park question what they desire.

Is it normal?  Is something wrong with me?  Would my friends, family or spouse think less of me?  How could I ever admit to myself or for that matter any one else, that deep down inside I crave what is socially unacceptable?

I guess I am rambling, but the point is .. reach deep down inside and be who you are.  If you are a “Normal” person and are perfectly content with missionary spousal sex, well good for you!

If you’re a member of the PTA and find yourself distracted by the sexy shoes a woman is wearing and all you can think about are her toes, well whatever floats your boat.

I read a lot.  I write my own personal reviews after I finish a book.  But my reviews are usually somewhat vague and although there are scenes that just flat-out do it for me, I find myself skimming over them and with a couple of words say oh yes.

Some of the reviews I have read are basically bashing the perverted intensity in the Anita Blake series by Laurell Hamilton.  A lot of “how could she write about that” or “God will throw her in hell” or others that praise her writing and ideas about alternative lifestyles.

Alternative: denoting a lifestyle, culture, art form, etc, regarded by its adherents as preferable to that of contemporary society because it is less conventional, materialistic, or institutionalized, and, often, more in harmony with nature

I guess I should bring this rambling post to an end.

Bottom line is, if you desire it, go for it.  If you don’t then try not to stick your nose up at the idea of what pleases another person.

I think people should be more open-minded and accept the phrase to each his own instead of judging a situation or person.

Comments rock!

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