Book of the day … Incubus Dreams – An Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter novel by Laurell Hamilton

Back cover:

As consultant to the regional Preternatural Crime investigation Unit, Anita’s called in on what appears to be a case involving a vampire serial killer who may be preying on strippers.  But her professional judgement may be clouded by a conflict of interest.  For she is, after all, the consort of Jean-Claude, the ever-intoxicating Master Vampire of the City.  Surrounded by suspicion, overwhelmed by her attempts to control the primal lusts that continue to wrack her as a result of her passionate contact with vampire, werewolf, and the shapeshifter Micah, Anita is pushed to her limits-and beyond…

“I’d been raised middle-class, Middle America, small town…

…and that meant the fact that I was currently dating a minimum of three men, maybe four, depending on how you looked at it, still made me squirm with something painfully close to embarrassment.  I was working on not being uncomfortable about it, but there were issues that needed to be worked out.  For instance, who do you bring as your date to a wedding?…Vampires didn’t do well around holy items.”

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