REVIEW: Obsidian Butterfly – An Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter series novel # 9 by Laurell K. Hamilton

I really wasn’t excited about this book.  All I wanted was to skim over the paragraphs so that I could get to the next book of the series, Narcissus in Chains as quickly as possible!  And then it hit me … mutilated bodies and Olaf.  You need to read this book to understand just how messed up my opinion is of his character.  He’s dangerous.  He’s deadly.  And Blake is just his victim type.  I like him!  Total turn on .. go figure.

Obsidian butterfly is a fantastic book filled with torture, essence sucking vampires, sociopath serial killers and monsters that apparently can rip the skin from a human’s body without leaving any tool marks.  Eww.

Edward wonders why I’m so sympathetic to monsters.  The answer is simple.  Because I am one.

Anita alienates herself, putting as much distance as possible between herself and her lovers.  Working with a witch to build stronger barriers in hopes to withstand accidental intrusions, Blake is pulled into Edward’s word of gore as he calls in the favor that she owes him.

Surrounded by centuries old delusional vampires claiming to be gods, werewolves enabling a psycho necromancer dwarf, Anita really has her hands full.

There are several scenes in this book that are to die for!  Pun intended ..

There is one scene that doesn’t get any easier with every reread.  A skinless corpse searching for food in a hospital.. and a nursery.  Absolutely disgusting, completely heart-shattering, this scene haunts me with nightmares.  It is the most gruesome and heart wrenching scene I have ever read.  Violent, action filled and brilliant .. Yet I still wanted to vomit.  Double thumbs up on the intense description and detail put into that scene.

Odd moments shared between Edward and Blake.  Weird?  Totally awkward, a must read!

I recommend this book to adults only!  Do not read if you have a weak stomach or strict line of moral code on what is and is not acceptable.  This book pushes the limits of imagination and gruesome disgust.  Extreme violence.  Some sexual content.  Rape.  Shocker, right?

Do not read this book out-of-order.  Start with Guilty Pleasures!

Happy Reading!

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