REVIEW: Blue Moon – An Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter series novel # 8 by Laurell K. Hamilton

When I realized this was the next book ony my list in the series, I was totally bummed.  I don’t really care much for Richard.  I don’t.  I just don’t like him, or crap that comes along with him 🙂  What can I say?  A dramatic and goody boy scout just isn’t the guy for me.

It wasn’t until I was about 15% into the book that I remembered all of the delicious things that were awaiting me 🙂

I’m quoting a pretty large paragraph from the book, but it’s a great way to explain the relationship between Anita and her two men, Richard and Jean-Claude.

Richard was an alpha werewolf.  He was head of the local pack.  It was his only serious flaw.  We’d broken up after I’d seen him eat somebody.  What I’d seen had sent me running to Jean-Claude’s arms.  I’d run from the werewolf to the vampire.  Jean-Claude was Master of the City of Saint Louis.  He was definitely not the more human of the two.  I know there isn’t a lot to choose from between a bloodsucker and a flesh-eater, but at least after Jean-Claude finished feeding, there weren’t chunks between his fangs.  A small distinction but a real one.

Richard is brought up on attempted rape charges.  He’s off somewhere else working on his Master’s degree when he gets himself into trouble.

Anita to the rescue!  Unfortunately, the Master Vampire of the City where he is being held in jail, has refused her admittance.  She decides to give the vampire a call and gracefully states that she and her people would be entering the city to help her Richard.

“Look, Colin, stay out of my way, and I’ll stay out of yours.  You fuck with me, and I will destroy you, do you understand me?  It’s only war if you start it, but if you start something, by God I will finish it.”  Jean-Claude was motioning for the phone rather desperately.  (heh)

Finding herself surrounded by her pack and pard and two vampires, she’s thrown into a political world with the local pack.  Corrupted cops, lying whoredom cowgirls, meeting the many women that Richard has been sleeping with or as he put it “Auditioning to replace her as lupa”, demons and psychotic rapists, this book is intriguing and just off the charts.

I cannot believe that I would forget how amazing this book is!

Lies and betrayal is admitted to Anita by a vampire that she was unaware shared an interesting and profound bond with her.  No longer sure whom to trust, Anita reacts on instincts alone.

The lines that were carefully drawn, the lines she always refused to cross, the lines that dictated good versus evil, are finally crossed with more than a tip-toe.  In this book, Blake turns into the monster she always feared, always hunted.  Ironically, it is not the acts that she commits that send her into shock, it’s the fact that she did not regret them.  They were not wrong.  She bloodied and tortured and the only thought, the only regret, is that she did not have more time to instill more damage on her victim.

A must read!  I recommend this book to any adults in need of superlicious gore and lust.  A paranormal romance filled with extraordinary violence and sexual abuse.  Rape seems to be a reoccurring theme in Hamilton’s books.  It makes you wonder if she has suffered a trauma, has a fetish or if she is merely intrigued with the idea of violation being part of the monstrous plots in her books.

Happy reading!

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