REVIEW: Burnt Offerings – an Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter series novel # 7 by Laurell K. Hamilton

I have had several questions about my reviews and what certain parts mean.

Out of the entire series, one of my favorite characters is Nathaniel.  So when I realized that this is the book he would be introduced into .. I was like woo hoo!

Ok, now that I have that out of my system, I can move forward with the tid bits of this and that’s I have for this book.

Another brilliant piece of work by Laurell Hamilton!  The twists in this book are amazing, and they end up playing through to the end of the series.  It’s neat to be able to reread a series and pick up on all the little things you missed.

Blake:  Mercy will get you killed, but sometimes it’s all that makes us human.

Love triangle, Anita, Jean-Claude and Richard.  It really eats at you and I’ve discussed this book with many others and we all end up disagreeing .. wholeheartedly lol .. about whom she should be with.  Go figure.

Lupa was the word the werewolves used for their leader’s mate.  I was the first human so honored.  I wasn’t even dating their Ulfric anymore.  We’d broken up after I saw him eat somebody.  Hey, a girl’s got to have some standards.

Thus far, the books in this series hop back and forth within basically the same theme.  Find the bad guys.  Get hurt.  Seek revenge.  Kill the bad guys.  Make love to a hottie.

In Burnt Offerings, the ultimate law, a vampire council visits Jean-Claude’s city.  There have been many deeply disturbing scenes in a few of the books so far, and this book definitely does not disappoint.

You have the Traveler.  A super-duper vampire that finds a suitably sexy male host and takes over the controls for a while.  The Traveler and his sexy homosexual lover use and abuse the borrowed bodies as they deem fit.  A little whoaness factor there but I thought it very interesting as I read about some of Blake’s friends’ bodies being abused by the traveler and his lover.

You have the Master of Beasts, Padma and his sidekick rapist son Fernando.  Being the Master of Beasts, Padma is able to put forth a call to the shapeshifter leaders of the city and they apparently are unable to refuse.  The leopards, the werewolves and the rats.  Between being skinned alive for wall decoration, repeatedly raped or forced into an eternity of furriness, Padma is one of my least favorite characters in this book.  It is not to say he isn’t an amazing character!  He is.  I just dislike him 🙂  And his bastard of a son.

After finding out that Fernando is one of a gang that raped Sylvie, Blake promises Sylvie that they will all die.  Hell YES!

“Is he your only son?” I asked.

“My only child,” Padma said.

“My condolences,” I said.

Then you have Yvette!  A vampire whom can rot her body at will and punish others by forcing a similar state, she’s just gross.  It’s one thing to be furry.  It’s one thing to be raped.  It’s one thing to be skinned.  Now, can you imagine being intimate with a woman who all of a sudden starts rotting and oozing bodily fluids all over the place?  Gross.

Asher is introduced in this book.  A lost lover betrayed by no other than Jean-Claude himself, threatens Anita’s life.  The choking bitterness of hate engulfs him, and he wants to see Jean-Claude suffer as he has for the past two centuries.  The progression with Asher, Anita and Jean-Claude is fun.  Enjoy!

Filled with a pyrokinetic psycho that is burning down empty buildings, sexually sadistic members of the vampire counsel, and Anita slipping into the spot of protector for the leopards, Burnt Offerings is totally rockin’ awesome!

I recommend this book to adults ONLY.  This book contains moderate to extreme deviant sexual scenes.  The violence is astounding with a two thumbs up from me.

Happy reading!

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