Book of the day .. Blue Moon – an Anita Blake; vampire hunter novel by Laurell Hamilton

I remember this book 🙂  It’s getting late in the evening and I’m ready to get started!  So, I am only posting the back cover ❤

Back cover:

Danger makes the world go ’round in Laurell K. Hamilton’s bestselling novels.  Just ask Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter.  Right now, her problems lie with her ex-fiance-a werewolf who just got arrested on an assault charge.  His guilt or innocence is not the issue.  The fact that there’s a full moon on the rise is….

“I wondered what Jean-Claude would think of me dropping everything to go rescue Richard….

It didn’t really matter.  I was going, and that was that.  But I did spare a thought for how that might make my vampire lover feel.  His heart didn’t always beat, but it could still break.  That’s love.  Sometimes it feels good.  sometimes it’s just another way to bleed.”

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