REVIEW: The Killing Dance – An Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter series novel # 6 Laurell K. Hamilton

I have always been firmly against book SPOILERS!  But, it’s just killing me to write these reviews and NOT discuss specific moments that just make me go all ooy gooy or what the hell?  So I will write the entire review as I always manage, and then at the end, if I cannot contain myself, I will place colored text stating “SPOILER BELOW!  STOP READING IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS BOOK!” :0

Anita Blake, vampire hunter and animator.  A fiercely loyal friend with survival instincts that would make your blood freeze and coil.  There is so much rage in this woman, she makes the Hulk look like Stawberry Shortcake!

I went for the hallway and the sound of screams.

As always, the murder scenes in the Anita Blake series are impressive and stunningly delicious.  I find myself anticipating certain aspects of these books.  Am I looking forward to the lust triangle moments are the brains dripping from the cracked skull moments.  I’m not sure what that says about me .. but both ideas send me shivering with yumminess.

Question:  Why was I more worried about losing Richard than about the assassins?  Answer:  Killing didn’t bother me; losing Richard did.  I fell asleep holding my penguin and wondering if Richard and I were still dating.  Who would keep him alive if I wasn’t around?

Blake finally makes her choice between Boyfriend A and Boyfriend B.  Hello? Ya baby!

There was no uncertainty in his face now.  his eyes were still lovely, still human, but there was knowledge in them now, a growing darkness.  Sex, for want of a better word, but that look in a man’s eyes is too primitive for vocabulary.  It’s the darkness we all have inside of us, peeking out.  That part of us that we trap in our dreams and deny in daylight hours.  He stayed crouched in the water with that feral light in his eyes, and I went to him.

Edward guarding her body, Richard accepting the monster within and Jean-Claude always manipulating behind the scenes at play; this book will twist your smile into something extraordinary!

Politics between the vampires and werewolves.  Necromancers bashing heads in hopes of uniting energy to heal a vampire that is deteriorating into disgusting gooyness.

Sexual sadists, Raina and Gabriel are slinking their way back into the bedroom with their rape, blood and snuff films.

I recommend this book to all adults in need of an eye-opening experience!  The world is too twisted and strange to close your eyelids tightly and pretend that whatever horror that is to come will not touch of if we just make ourselves invisible.  I do NOT recommend this book to children.  There is extreme violence and strong, descriptive sexual scenes.  Thank goodness 😉

Although this series of books are paranormal and completely fiction, I find that there is an opportunity to teach us, especially those with perfect fingernails and perfect hair and perfect matching purses.  Life isn’t perfect.  Life is completely screwed.  I say live it to the fullest and if it takes a book like this to toss you into the possibilities of hello theres! .. then good for you!

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