REVIEW: Dark Prince – A Carpathian series novel #1 by Christine Feehan

Christine Feehan was bold and daring when she created the Dark series.

Published in 1999, Dark Prince won several awards, including Best New Author for Paranormal Romance and Best Shape-shifter.  Christine Feehan brought to life a world of never-ending twists and dramatic and breath-holding moments that will leave you pushing all of those wonderful chores aside until you have finished the book!

The Dark series is centered around an immortal species, the Carpathians.  Shapeshifting, magic throbbing, heartbreaking characters that will undoubtedly push adrenaline through your veins and never leave you wanting.

The Carpathians are a dying race.  The men, filled with darkness and loneliness, forever enduring the lack of colors, the lack of emotion that ceases after a few hundred years of existence.  Without the light to their darkness, the lifemate that is the other half of their souls, they walk the earth alone.  The only thing that holds them to this world is honor.  Honor above all demands them to continue, to not seek the rush of the kill, the one small moment that would allow them to feel.  To force them into eternal damnation, a vampire.

The Dark Prince is an incredible book that is filled with exceptionally brilliant characters.  Characters that rip through your body and hold you on edge.

Mikhail Dubrinsky, Prince of Carpathians, has server his people for centuries.  Never failing in his duties, he continues his search for answers to the most crucial problem of all.  The survival of their species.  Their women are few.  Those who can carry their unborn child to full term, are left mourning.  Many of the children are male and even those die within the first year.  The last female child to survive was five hundred years ago.  Without their women, without lifemates to the men that endure several lifetimes of hopeless searching, more of the Carpathian men turn to darkness.  Becoming vampires, the very thing that honorable Carpathians hunted.

One the brink of surrendering himself to the sun, to destroy himself, he mourns the failures.  He was unable to help his people.  He could no longer bear to remain alone.  Thoughts rumbled through his mind, thoughts of anguish, of hunger, of defeat.  As if an angel was sent to him, Raven Whitney, a powerful psychic that uses her talents to hun serial killers, linked with him, touched his mind.  She whispered words of encouragement, words that brough emotions rumbling through his body.  He found her at last.  His lifemate.  Colors returned, and dark lust boiled over his body as emotions slammed him like a punch to the gut.

Bring a strong-minded woman, Raven stood her ground against the sexiest man she had ever seen.  Forcing the extremely dominant male to endure her stubbornness, her unending struggle to remain who she is, to keep her own identity.  Battling with uneasy feelings, doubts that she was being possessed by a dangerous man, she forced herself to trust him.  To let him touch her as no other man had done before.

This book and the relationships within it are unimaginably sexual.  The intense physical attraction between Mikhail and Raven are body shattering.  The sexual pull between them will leave you panting and I would hope, leave your significant other with a better chance of getting lucky!  ha!

Dark Prince is filled with battles within the Carpathian infrastructure.  Several incredibly dangerous outside forces stalked them, hunted them for the evil creatures they were perceived as.

Fanatics, a group of killers would not stop until the leader of the vampires was destroyed.  The Carpathians combined their strengths, fighting against the mystery behind the attacks.  All along, Mikhail struggled to continue his hold on Raven.  Concerned that he would lose her, to be alone again.

The progression, the growth of the characters is astounding!

This book is an excellent read!  I advise anyone who loves paranormal romance books, shapeshifters or vampires to read this series.  I do not recommend this book to young readers.  You will most definitely not be disappointed!

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