Christine Feehan, Laurell Hamilton, J.R. Ward, Rebecca York, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Janet Evanovich

Today I was chatting with a friend .. and she asked me about this blog and the authors I enjoy reading.

Well, I have always enjoyed reading.  In my teens, I loved Anne Rice and Stephen King.  Late teens, I began to appreciate Dean Koontz.

I went through a pretty long dry phase.  I started playing computer games.  Diablo 1 and 2 .. Starcraft .. Lineage 2, Warcraft, Conan, Warhammer, Lord of the Rings and Rift.  I’m sure I’m missing some games but what can I say … I’ve played a ton 🙂   Life was all about the internet and gaming.

A few years ago, my life needed exceptional distraction.  My sister loaned me the Dark Prince by Christine Feehan.  I think I read at least a book a day, and found myself intrigued and completely consumed by the imagination and relationships in the Dark Series books.  Filled with immortal Carpathians, a dying race where the man are warriors fighting an eternal battle against the good guys turned vampires.  They feel hopeless in finding their once chance at feeling again, their other half, their light .. Their lifemate.

I’m not sure which author I read next, but it was either J.R. Ward or Sherrilyn Kenyon.  The Dark-Hunter series by Kenyon and the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward.

The Dark-Hunter series is easy reading.  The stories are cool .. the characters are all right .. and the writing is simple.  If you’re wanting a new author and series that is interesting but thoughtless and easy read, this is the series for you.  Don’t get me wrong .. I really like this series.  It’s just much simpler than my usual reading.

Now the Black Dagger Brotherhood is awesome.  At first the names were pretty cheesy.  But once you get over the initial, “Wow that’s just silly” stage .. I know this series will grab ahold of you and send you spiraling into a paranormal world with some of the most intense and breathtaking characters you will ever read.

There are no Half-Price Book stores in Georgia.  Bummer right?  So I save money and when I visit my family in Texas, I usually will hit up 2-3 of their stores 🙂  I needed something new!  Something paranormal and romantic.  Something to grab ahold of me and toss me into a world of hello!

Rebecca Yorkwas the author I found.  She’s amazing.  She writes under another name as well, but for the purpose of this blog, I’ll mention the name used for the Moon Series.  I love the idea of werewolves, and there just aren’t a ton of GOOD books out there that are filled with yumminess.  I believe she is currently working on another book for this series, which totally rocks my world!

Before starting over again, and reading the Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Plum series, and now the Laurell Hamilton, Anita Blake series.. I found Patricia Briggs and a super neat character, Mercy Thompson.

The Stephanie Plum series is HILARIOUS!  My mother bugged me until I finally gave in and read the first book, One for the Money.  This is totally not my usual genre, but I forced myself to give in and ended up in love.  This series is everything a person needs for excitement, mild love triangles, and super funny characters.  Lula and Stephanie are totally rock’ awesome and I can’t wait to read the next book.

Laurell Hamilton, Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter .. awesome!  The first half of the books are more focussed on gruesome homicide scenes that are investigated by a group of cop outcasts.  The second half of this series is filled with intense sexual encounters as well as more politics in the paranormal world.  Filled with werewolves, vampires and a ton of new dudes.. this series will not disappoint you.

Patricia Briggs is a pretty neat lady.  The Mercy Thompson series is outstanding!  Easy reading but will leave you wondering what will happen in the next book.  Very mild love triangle to begin with but at the moment, the relationships are pretty stable which is an interesting change.  Filled with werewolves, vampires and all sorts of different fae characters, you will definitely appreciate the world of Mercy Thompson.

I am always asked who I read and what I’m interested in.  Well, I’m interested in something new!  Something off the chain!  Something that will blow my mind, but unfortunately .. I haven’t found it.  Ideas?  I’m reading a little of J.D. Robb but it really doesn’t grab ahold and do it for me.  I’m looking for dark paranormal romance books.

Let me know!

Thanks in advance and happy reading! ❤

Comments rock!

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