REVIEW: The Lunatic Cafe – An Anita Blake; Vampire Hunter series novel # 4 by Laurell K. Hamilton

WARNING:  This book is twisted and brilliant!  Review contains certain details that are upsetting and some sexual reference is used.  Thus .. the review will touch on a few details that are disgusting and unacceptable to sensitive and closed minds.  If you are either of the above, please do not continue to read this review 🙂

I love this book!  The Anita Blake series is AWESOME!  Unfortunately, there are a few books in this series that just flat-out stink.  The Lunatic Cafe is most definitely NOT one of those books.

Filled with skinned and gutted victims, bestial pornographic snuff films, and forced romantic tangles, The Lunatic Cafe is by far one of the most interesting books in the Anita Blake series .. the first half of the series anyways.

I’ve always been a little twisted.  Curiously intrigued by things that make others gag.  What can I say?  I’m a little weird.  With that said, keep in mind when you read this book that although left intrigued and wondering .. that is not an implication of preference or justification of lifestyles by others.  To each his own 🙂  I just needed to explain this little bit to avoid confusion and concern by loved ones.  😉

I was so excited to read this book, that I completely forgot to highlight some fun parts for previewing pleasure.  I did however, highlight a paragraph from one of the crime scenes.  I think it’s totally rockin’ awesome.  You may wrinkle your nose and find yourself disgusted.  Woo hoo for individualism!

Ragged furrows ran down the right side of his face.  One claw had sliced over the eye, spilling blood and thick globs of eyeball down his cheek.  The lower jaw was crushed, as if some great hand had grabbed it and squeezed.  It made the face look unfinished, only half there.  It must have hurt like hell, but it hadn’t killed him.  More’s the pity.

The handsome Richard viewed as a monster?  The sexy Jean-Claude grasping leverage to hostage intimate moments from Anita?

A sexual-sadist, Raina, an alpha werewolf to the local pack and Richard’s former lover, climbs under Blake’s skin and wiggles around, leaving Blake disgusted with the idea that Richard could ever be involved with such a monster.

Nasty, manipulative witches.  Nagas seeking rescue.  Shapeshifters missing.  This book has a wide range of plots that continually catch you off guard.  Just when you think you’ve figured it all out, you’re blindsided by something entirely unexpected and delicious.

I recommend this book to curious minds, those pushing lines of moral reality, and those with their feet firmly planted on the ground.  There is more to a normal life, and this book covers several aspects of life that are shunned and ignored by a society of manners and a certain set of acceptable sexual standards.

ADULTS ONLY!  I highly recommend you store this book away from curious little hands.  Although open-minded, I strenuously object to younger minds reading this book.  And even so .. here on out .. ANY book from this series.

Filled with beautifully crafted and blood dripping crime scenes, obscenely provocative and perverted sexual content .. The Lunatic Cafe will leave you wondering just how far other people will go to satisfy their needs and desires!

“There are more roads to monsterdom than most people realize.”


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