REVIEW: To the Nines – A Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich

As all of the books in the Stephanie Plum series, to the Nines is filled with death, destruction and tingling cores.

Stephanie finds herself knee-deep in body guards, Vegas slot machines, pooping dogs and slinging around ding-dongs.

Morelli was invigorated by sex.  An orgasm for Morelli was like taking a vitamin pill.  The more orgasms he had, the sharper he got.  I’m the opposite.  For me, an orgasm is like a shot of Valium.  A night with Morelli and the next morning I’m a big contented cow.

Lula goes on a special all meat diet.  You can only imagine what she puts the team through when she’s not fed regularly.  Stephanie, Connie and Lula fly to Vegas to apprehend a man who is about to skip out on his Visa Bond.  All fund and games, but when the airplane doesn’t feed Lula, look out!

I didn’t know where Lula’s energy came from.  I’d exhausted myself trying to stay calm while mentally maiming airport employees, screaming kids, and security personnel.

Having some fun and catching a show in Vegas definitely will leave you laughing!  I did not find this book as funny as the others, but this scene was pretty hilarious.

All around us women were throwing room keys and panties onto the stage.  And then from the corner of my eye I caught sight of Lula pitching a giant hot-pink satin thong at Tom Jones.  It was the biggest thong I’d ever seen.  It was a King Kong thong.  It hit Tim Jones square in the face.  Wap!

A list of suspects a mile long, Stephanie and the police struggle to figure out who the psychopathic stalker is.  Pictures of bloody holes left in foreheads, and fresh flowers are left in an odd and disturbing way of courtship.

To be honest, it took me longer to read this book the second time around.  I wasn’t nearly as excited.  Janet Evanovich sets high standards for laughter and suspenseful killers and love triangles.  This book is amazingly brilliant and the story itself is wonderful.

To the Nines really didn’t *do it* for me.  I suppose I know how awesome the books following will be, and trudging through this book left little me wanting.

The relationship shared between Stephanie, Morelli and Ranger only grows more complicated.  I am still on the fence on which suitor I am crossing my fingers for.

I recommend this book to those in need of an interesting mystery filled with fun female adventures.  Book contains mild sexual scenes and mild to moderate violence.

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