REVIEW: High Five – A Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich

Broke.  No one is skipping out on bail.  Struggling with the lack of satisfaction .. in life .. and with the two sexiest men on the planet, Stephanie Plum finds herself intertwined in family drama when asked to investigate and locate her Uncle Fred.

Flying purple-headed piglet Vinnie, is making money left and right.  He doesn’t play much of a role in this book, but that doesn’t keep the small statements from ripping gasping laughter from my gut.

“Vinnie’s overjoyed,” Connie said.  “He’s making money by the fistful.  No bounty hunters to pay.  No forfeited bonds.  Last time I saw Vinnie in a mood like this was when Madame Zaretsky was arrested for pandering and sodomy and put her trained dog up as collateral for her bond.”

Ranger is a delicious bad boy character that gives you shivers and has the hair on your arms standing at attention.  Although there may be a few women out there who would disagree or just flat-out would never admit it, Ranger is THE MAN of men.  Mysterious.  Sexy.  Unobtainable.  Wrong.  In High Five, the attraction between Ranger and Stephanie is tiptoeing across a dangerous line of uncertainty.

Ranger’s a Cuban-American.  His features are Anglo, his eyes are Latino, his skin is the color of a mocha latte, and his body is as good as a body can get.  He had his black hair pulled back into a ponytail.  He was wearing a black T-shirt that fit him like a tattoo and a black SWAT pants tucked into black high-top boots.

Joe Morelli is the type of guy that mother’s warn their daughter’s about.  Stay away from that one!  He’s a good cop and even better in bed.  Stephanie tries her best to keep her distance, to suffer along with him as they play a game of who gives in first.  Moments of doubt and jealousy leaves them both unsure of their standings and the sexual frustration between them does nothing to help the situation.

Get a grip!  I told myself.  We’re talking about a simple sex act here.  This isn’t a medical emergency like having a heart attack.  This can wait twenty-four hours. (Stephanie)

Lula as always, is a force to be reckoned with.  A woman in need of no introduction;

Lula hauled a small cannon out of her shoulder bag and pointed it at Bunchy.  “You slime-faced bag of monkey  shit.”

An endless search for Fred is driving everyone crazy.  A strange man is following Stephanie.  A “little person” is crashed on her couch and uses her coffee table as his desk for work.  A punk sheik in desperate need of a reality check in respect pushes Stephanie over the edge.

Cars explode.  But that’s nothing new, is it?

I recommend this book to adults.  There is mild violence (less in this book than the others) and some implied sexual content.  Read books 1-5 as fast as you can, because they’re about to rock!

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