REVIEW: Four to Score – A Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich

I had a lot of fun reading this book!  This is the second time that I’ve read this series, and I must admit, I am laughing just as hard now as I did the first time around.

To explain the review below (I’ve been contacted by some friends and family), any text that is an alternative color from the rest of the review, is context directly from the novel itself.

Lula and Stephanie Plum’s team work has become something of a force of nature.

“Drop your gun, you punk-ass old coot,” Lula yelled.  “you don’t drop your gun, I’m gonna bust a cap up your ass!”

Vinnie, the slime ball cousin that owns and operates the bond agency that they work at, has begun to pop up in the books more often now.  His character is a perverted and bluntly alternative sexual freak that boils Stephanie’s blood.  His role in this book is to down right piss her off 🙂

Vinnie was 5’7, looked like a weasel, thought like a weasel, smelled like a French whore and was once in love with a duck.

Joyce, the Barbie doll on steroids slut that Stephanie caught riding her ex-husband on her dining room table, has been employed by Vinnie, and Stephanie is smoking out her ears.  The rival between them is hilarious and brutal.  Joyce is a sneaky and sexually manipulative character that clearly has no lines drawn, nothing she wouldn’t do to get her way.

“Yeah, but remember that Joyce person came in real early on Tuesday morning,” Lula said.  “And she and Vinnie were locked in his office together for almost an hour, and they were making those weird barnyard sounds.”

Sally!  I love his character.  Sally is a heterosexual drag queen.  His wardrobe would make Joyce’s pale in comparison.  With all the corsets and bling bling, his face is famous.  Sally and Grandma Mazur share several moments that just crack me up.

“Sally’s a drag queen,” I explained to Grandma.

“No kidding,” Grandma said.  “I always wanted to meet a drag queen.  I always wanted to know what you do with your dingdong when you wear girl’s clothes.”

Another moment ..

We all stared at his crotch, and Grandma said what Lula and I were thinking.

“I thought that bulge was your dingdong,” Grandma said.

“Jesus,” Sally said, “who do you think I am, Thunder the Wonder Horse?  My gun wouldn’t fit in my purse.”

Joe Morelli and Ranger continue to play interesting roles in this book.  I won’t discuss the progression, but it’s fun!

I recommend this book to anyone in need of a good laugh…anyone who has a certain someone they want or desperately want to punch!  Ha!  This book contains quite a bit of adult language and more detailed sexual content.  (I’d like to say yay!)  I do not recommend this book to anyone that is not an adult.

Happy reading!

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